BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Sunshine Extravaganza 10 Years Ago…


6 February 2016


The Scottish pop experts
released 20 years ago today
The Life Pursuit
Sixth & most succesful album
Brilliant and vibrant work
of feel great songwriting…

It’s raining again in Belgium
but who cares when you have…
on a fabulous record…

Little facts cool to know about the birthday album…
* The LP was – where else – recorded under the
Californian sun in L.A.
* Tony Hoffer (Air and Beck) pressed the buttons
* Number 8 on the UK albums chart and #65 in the US
* The three woman on the cover are three models:
Alex Klobouk, Natasha Noramly & Marisa Privitera
* Isobel Campbell – co-singer/songwriter had left the group in 2002…
while co-founder Stuart David already quit the band in 2000 leaving
Stuart Murdoch as the most important songwriter & leader of B & S…

ALBUM in full…


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