SPACEMEN 3! Their Final Album ‘RECURRING’ Is 25 Today…


Psychedelic soundscapes experts
with a major cult following
A band far too small for
two freakish characters
Peter Kember & Jason Pierce
A band with too many drugs
and no money to survive…
A band doomed to break up


Fourth and final studio album
‘Reccuring’ was released
10 February 1991
25 years ago today…

Opening track ‘Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)’ still is my No 1 favorite…


Jason Pierce on the album and the end of the band : “Both Pete and myself don’t take much musical advice. We’re pretty much set on the ideas in our heads. Some people can’t handle that. We used to let each other work on each other’s pieces, but later on we both knew what each other wanted. I just wanted to get back on the road again and I also had songs that were not really for the album. I mean, if you don’t get on too well there’s no point in doing the band. It would be like cheating to treat the Spacemen 3 as a marketable commodity. You could get passionate about the music but, if there’s a communication break down between the members, there’s no point in slogging through that. I don’t really see any problem anyway, if you buy Pete’s album and you buy my mine you’ve got a Spacemen 3 album anyhow, by combining the two, you know.”


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