DOUBLE VETERANS – When A Try Out Turns Into A Sweaty Sold Out…


DOUBLE VETERANS – Café Video, Ghent (Belgium) – 9 February 2016


The Belgian garage psych three-piece DOUBLE VETERANS is back in town. After releasing their – brilliantly titled – 2014 debut album THE BROTHERHOOD OF SCARY HAIR AND HOMEMADE RELIGION and playing a string of gigs all members went on to get rid of their sonic demons with other bands for a while. But they are about to share their follow-up LP pretty soon now to be followed by several shows up and down the country to spread the newborn fever. Last Tuesday they played a try out gig in my hometown Ghent. Seemed
like the whole city came out to celebrate the return of the three sixties junkies. The place was packed up to the ceiling. Like fish in a barrel and many disappointed sardines outside in the freezing cold…


Frontman/songwriter/guitarist Lee Swinnen pushed the band from slow-burning psych grooves to garage punk speed outbursts. Energetic and loud. With vigor and with vitality.


It’s way too soon to say something about the new songs, especially because I was mostly busy trying to breathe properly in this boiling sold out bar and take a decent photo along the way. But hang on and watch this space soon for the new album and more DOUBLE VETERANS noise ‘n sweat. Meanwhile, you can mess up your hungry ears with a rousing live rendition of brand new single COCKTAIL

DV: Facebook – Noisesome Recordings


(All pictures by Turn Up The Volume!)

I don’t know about you but this whole
try out shebang gets me in the mood
again for some slices of scary hair
and homemade religion…


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