Spotted In Belgium ! Q & A with Toronto’s Volcano… DILLY DALLY


Last month Toronto‘s volcano DILLY DALLY hit Belgium with a big bang on their first ever European tour. They showed ANTWERP what their boiling debut album SORE is all about. Raw power. Grunge injected lava and a hungry lust for life. In other words: tons of passion, energy, noise and sex. Throw some muscled pop in the mix and you get a cool bunch of steamy juveniles addicted to travel around the world to spread their tumultuous fever.

Don’t trust their charming looks…

Frontwoman/songwriter KATIE MONKS leads the troops. She’s blessed with a high voltage voice to blow all Courtney Loves off this troubled planet while the band generates heavy hammering grooves to soundtrack, eh… porn movies. I just learned DILLY DALLY will tour next month with British, anarchistic dopeheads FAT WHITE FAMILY (last time I saw those crackpots play, they left the stage after only four songs. Wankers!). Smells like a mighty explosive combination. Sex, drugs & rock and roll in high doses, no doubt about that. So I’m quite lucky that Katie and Liz, founders of DD, took time to answer some Q’s before losing themselves completely in that forthcoming there’s-a- riot-going-on tour.

Let’s rumble…


Liz and Katie formed the band. When did the boys Tony and Benjamin came in?
Katie: “It’s been two years since we first started jamming with Ben & Tony. The vibe was right, they understood what we were about immediately, and were really committed to making music a lifelong thing…. SQUAD.”

What’s the story behind the band’s name?
Katie: “It started as a journal entry when I was 20. I should try to dig it up! Basically it
was kind of supposed to be a fuck you to everyone who thinks music is a waste of time.
I thought it would be a cool name to go to the top with.”

The very first song the band ever wrote?
Katie: “Green. It’s track 9 on the record. Check it.”


The very first gig?
Katie: “Um… we had a drummer named Eli, no bassist…. it was probably 2010? Don’t really know what to say about it, other than it probably sucked.”

Debut album Sore sounds at times like being kidnapped by Katie’s dynamite voice. Were the songs written with that towering instrument in mind?
Katie: “Yeah, I mean, I never sit down to write a song on paper before I sing it. I play chords on a guitar and sing melodies with slurred words and stuff… until it becomes a song. Then I bring it to the band and they write their parts all around that.”

I’m sure primal scream psychiatrists out there play your songs as part of their therapy to heal their patients. Where does all the intense passion comes from?
Katie: “Nice! I hope they do, that sounds really cool. The intense passion comes from
my Irish parents, and all the fierce love that comes with them…”

Irish screams…

Desire smells like an extreme lust for life. Other songs deal with getting hurt along the way to burning love. Are desire and pain inseparable in the process?
Katie: “I guess, yeah. I like to work hard for the things that I want. Love the chase of it all.”

Liz’s blistering guitar lines struck me even more than on record. Hypnotizing oil for the engine. What emotions do you experience when you’re playing yourself in a trance on stage, Liz?
Liz: “It’s hard to get into that initial zone when first stepping onstage but if it’s a good night where the crowd and my mentality align properly I can tap into it quickly. I don’t look up enough at the crowd as much I’d like because I lose focus and often end up playing the wrong notes. Though it helps when I make eye contact with my band mates and I can see them in their zones aswell. I feel like I’m apart of the guitar and it’s such an emotional release. If I had a headset you would probably hear a lot of grunting and weird noises that I make during the set cause I’m it feeling so hard. It’s erotic.”

Liz in erotic trance…

What kind of movie Sore would be perfect for as a soundtrack?
Katie: “A really swank porno.”

Oscar nominated movie – soundtrack by Dilly Dally…

Katie, you recently said that your lyrics are like important messages you want to send to your best friends. Do you feel more comfortable to communicate with people via a song than via a proper conversation?
Katie: “No. I tell my best friends inspirational shit all time. I really do have their backs, just ask ’em. The songs are meant to take that energy and send it out to the rest of the world.”

Purple Rage is a ticking time bomb. Who or what made you THAT angry, Katie?
Katie: “I have really high expectations of the world in general, of what my life should be. So it wasn’t a specific anger directed at one person. I more just get pissed off at my surroundings, and myself. Then use that energy to try and make the world, and make myself, better. With art I guess…”

Any memorable souvenirs of Europe, besides the brilliant Belgian beer?
Katie: “I got these nudie cards in Amsterdam. Like playing cards,
except with naked ladies on them.”

What noise was on the tour bus while crossing Europe?
Katie: “Peaches, Lou Reed, Protomartyr.”

Don’t even ask….

Who wants to get back to Canada as soon as possible?
Katie: “We just wanna stay on the road forever.”

I learned just recently that Toronto, with 2,808,503 inhabitants, is the fourth most populous city in North America after Mexico City, New York and L.A. Is it the kind of city you never ever want to leave?
Katie: “It’s our home and we love it, but we also are addicted to touring. Being in a new place every single day is so exciting. I guess it’s important
to have both.”

Who’s a Raptors fan?
Katie: “Drake.”


Canadian’s post punk battle. Viet Cong or Ought?

Hole or Babes in Toyland?
“Babes in Toyland. OBVIOUSLY.”


If you could fly back in time which artist/band would you beg on your knees to have a jam with?
Katie: “We don’t get down on our knees and beg for anyone.”

Is your shiny love neck chain a gift from a lover or did you steal it from Courtney while she was busy having a fight with her daughter?
Katie: “Does Courtney have the same one? Fuck that, now I don’t want it anymore.”

Katie spreads Love…

Is playing in a band actually the best job in the world?
Katie: “Yeah it will be.”

What’s the band’s goal in the long term besides world domination
and getting filthy rich?

Katie: Can’t tell you, that’s a secret.


DILLY DALLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(Concert photos by JL/TurnUpTheVolume)

Here’s that smashing
swank soundtrack in full…


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