VANT – Dazzling Video for New Dynamite Single…


Brand new slow/fast garage rock storming single FLY-BY ALIEN by fast rising London noisemakers VANT is translated to video now. MATTIE VANT, the band’s mastermind
and mad frontman said about ‘his making of experience’ of the clip: “I actually filmed the whole thing in a state of blindness, for 8 hours straight, as the visor I’m wearing is completely blacked out. The song is about an extraterrestrial travelling through the universe to find a planet that can support life. The alien stumbles upon Earth, and deems it a world with little chance of survival, a species more likely to obliterate itself then secure long term existence. Uninhabitable, the alien contemplates destroying the planet but instead leaves it’s residents with a transmission of hope. You have a meaning, you have a purpose. This life is short, make sure it’s worth it…

Here’s the hot burning bolide…

VANT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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