SUNFLOWER BEAN – Electrifying Psych Jams in Brussels…


SUNFLOWER BEAN – Botanique, Brussels – February 12, 2016

Nick Kivlen (vox, guitar) and Jacob Faber (drums, former jazz saxophonist) formed
the band in 2013 joined some time later by Julia Cumming (bass, vox, photo model)


Young & hungry for a fight with the big, nasty world out there and loaded with a pile of 60s records – all the cool ones from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath, from Pink Floyd to The Velvet Undergound – they started to shape their sonic identity while gigging endlessly in the Big Apple


Their 2015 SEVEN SECRETS EP changed everything. For them and us. Striking lead track SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR introduced a fast rising quality band generating psychedelic adventures in Hi Fi in the sky…

Only just more than a week ago they released their enthralling debut album HUMAN CEREMONY. A long thrilling trip through the psychedelic sixties, the new wave seventies, the post punk eighties and today’s exciting melting pot. SUNFLOWER BEAN do it all in grand style, with a we-are-the-new-generation flair. Captivating melodies drenched in mind bending, tempo changing escapades while challenging nowadays life lyrically. From light pop vibes to metal drones and varied fuzzy fascination in between. Intriguing enough for the media to create – another – hype…


Last Friday New York landed in Brussels and took us all on an electrifying expedition, up there, in the dark cosmos. A fuzzy flood of charged psychedelic jams colored with floating vocals turning furious at times. Drummer Jacob Faber is the heavy pumping heart on stage. He hammers merciless while keeping the whole shebang in control. Meanwhile Cumming hits her bass with piercing effect and hardly takes a menacing eye from Kivlen who often seems to be far away on another planet while losing himself in one of his guitar hero outbursts. Solid stuff.


They have it all. The sound and the fury. The looks and the guts. The talent and the right spirit as Kivlen recently said: “In America, rock & roll is out of the mainstream since I was five years old and any time it’s mentioned it’s always the same people: Jack White or Dave Grohl. I’m so sick of seeing their faces. One band of 20-year-olds making relevant rock music would be nice, wouldn’t it?” Absolutely. They produced twice more sparks in 40 minutes than some narcissistic dinosaurs only can fabricate in over two hours. Believe the hype. SUNFLOWER BEAN will magnetize many green fields next summer…


SUNFLOWER BEAN: Facebook – Tumblr – Bandcamp – Twitter

(All concert photos by JL/TurnUpTheVolume!)


Here’s the ideal soundtrack for a walk in space…

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