RICHARD ASHCROFT! Back with New Gripping Ballad…


The man is back. Brand new track THIS IS HOW IT FEELS is a vintage RICHARD ASHCROFT ballad. Gripping and eager. Moody and intense. He also announced his new, fourth, solo album THESE PEOPLE . Out May 20th.

Artwork for new album…

In a statement ASHCROFT said that his new longplayer concerned “some personal and world events [taking] a dark turn leading to a sense of urgency and a clearing of the mind” with songs about the Syrian war, the Arab Spring uprisings and the death of a close friend. He also added that he experimented with old and new equipment trying to find new textures and sounds to accompany an ancient art. He credited last year’s spate of acoustic shows in Mexico, Zurich and Bilbao for helping him realise “my lane in the chaos becomes clearer – to be a modern day troubadour.”

Here’s the audio clip of the new track…

RICHARD ASHCROFT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Welcome back

(pic by Getty)

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