THE PLEASURE ROUTINE – Not As Funny As You Would Expect…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

You need guts to start your sonic career
with a slow moving serpent of a venomous song
about the aftermath of a broken relationship…
that’s exactly what THE PLEASURE ROUTINE does,
a psych injected sextet out of Oakland, California
with singer/songwriter Lauren Kopp reminding
me of Grace Slick‘s voice in her darkest hours…
RUINS is not a pleasure trip, not a walk in the park,
yet you’ll be attracted strongly by its dark side,
by its sombre timbre and by its ominous sound
because you’ll probably recognise the experience,
it’s about life, yes, the rough side…

Just as I left you
In ruins
Like a thousand years
Of hurricanes
I’ve eroded you
Rusted through your name

You are a shadow
Of a former glory
That folded to greedier hands
Than your stores could withstand

I should have left you be
When you were
Beautiful and clean

These are all things you touched
But they’re broken now
And in this state
They’re more like you somehow

I should have left you be
When you were beautiful and clean


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