BONZO – Springtime Is Coming Really Close…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

BONZO – Café Video, Ghent – 23 February 2016


YES! I smelled the first BBQ of the year and I heard some delightful & cocktail infused songs to go with it. I also witnessed the combo that made it all happen. BONZO is the name. A Belgian down to earth four-piece generating relaxing guitar pop tunes to whistle when the sky turns blue and oxygen injected melodies to hum when you’re driving your tractor (yes, some individuals own that kind of vehicle) in the countryside. All colored with a smooth organ now & then and joyful harmonies to add some extra energy to the lazy daydreams. Plenty of springtime sparks. While the cold rain poured down outside – for several bloody days in a row now – this swirling quartet made me think inside Café Video
in my hometown Ghent about sunny afternoons with some deliciously fresh G & T‘s at hand, a hired cook (indispensable when you have two left hands yourself) to handle
the grill and a ‘I’m no man with a plan’ vibe as frontman Thijs muses in Salty Water

We all longing for that who cares sentiment and we all wait for the first spring sunbeams and the moments we only have to worry about our next drink while keeping an eye on the drunk cook to avoid unwanted fireworks. Don’t hurry, be happy. You’ll get the picture by now. The swaying spectators confirmed my euphoric thoughts while Thijs tried some Elvis hip moves when tempo went up. Yes, those moves that help you to stay straight on your surfboard. Fun. Fun. Fun.


To serve all BBQ addicts the band just released their 4-track BONZO TAPE . Vinyl is so passé , cassettes are back in town (no worries, you can download the songs the usual
way too). You can listen/purchase it here via Bandcamp. A G & T, please, bartender…

BONZO: Facebook


(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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