DOUBLE VETERANS Serve Explosive Cocktail…


Double Vterans

Who/home: three 60s psych addicts from a garage somewhere in Antwerp, Belgium.
Almost world-famous for one of the most whacky LP titles (their 2014 debut) in recent
years… The Brotherhood of Scary Hair and Homemade Religion. Hallelujah…
Track: COCKTAIL – brand new single from forthcoming, second album
‘Space Age Voyeurism’ out March 4 via Noisesome Recordings
Score: 2.12 minutes of highly bouncy jingle jangle garagebilly to scream along as if
you’re having your best nightmare in years with a why-y-y-y-y-y-y chorus that sounds
like it was orchestrated by Phil Spector but messed up afterwards by a drunk band.
Perfect !…

DOUBLE VETERANS: Facebook – Debut LP on Bandcamp


Double Veterans having a try-out party some weeks ago… (pics: TurnUpTheVolume!)


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