SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 27/28 February…


Seven buzzing tracks to play louder & louder
every single hour of this noisy weekend!…

1/ ‘We Got It Figured Out’ by THE SICK THINGS
Highly vitalized rock stroke fueled with snappy harmonies to start this weekend’s party!…
Work: Debut EP cassette via Shake! Records
Home: Montreal, Canada
THE SICK THINGS: Bandcamp – Facebook

2/ ‘Predictions’ by PINEMEN
Shaking new single from the seething Swedish garage rockers with an inflaming finale!…
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
PINEMEN: Facebook – Debut EP ‘Pleasant Pain’ here on Bandcamp – Twitter

3/ ‘Up All Night’ by THE BLIND PETS
Enough arousing riffs, hooks and licks to party all night long  with your new lover…
Album: ‘Sharon Is Karen’ – out April 15th
Home: Austin, Texas
THE BLIND PETS: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Mystery 23’ by DETECTIVE AGENCY
Irresistible ongoing garage pop drive spiced with seducing boy/girl vocals – big score!…
Album: ‘NOW!’ via Discos De Kirlian
Home: Seattle, Washington
DETECTIVE AGENCY: Bandcamp – Twitter – Facebook

5/ ‘Knew You’d Never Been There’ by SEIZE THAT CHAIR
Bouncy, repetitive bass groove, followed by burning guitars, will overpower you slowly…
Home: Sheffield, UK
SEIZE THE CHAIR: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Put Me Out’ by THE HI-FI
“A two note riff and a watery guitar…” says the band. In two words: contagious beats…
Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
THE HI-FI: More beats on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Motorway Hymns’ by THE RAUDIVE
Dark intruiging atmospherics electrified by glimmering guitars
with hypnotic force – feels like a modern road song…
Home: Norwich, UK
Work: ‘Ghost Box EP’ – here on Bandcamp
THE RAUDIVE: Website – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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