WHITNEY ! The New Motown Experience In Belgium…


WHITNEY – Trefpunt, Ghent – 25 February 2016

WHITNEY – out of the Michael Jordan city of Chicago – is a swinging collective, with ex-members of Smith Westerns, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Touching Voids amongst others, led by Julien Ehrlich & Max Kakacek. Their first single NO WOMAN caused a fast going buzz in and outside the music media a couple of weeks ago. Believe the hype. Their delicious cocktail of smooth pop & sensual soul is timeless and universal. Appealing vibrations for all generations performed by young musicians with trained ears for the right vibes. So it was a quite a thrill, before they get ridiculously famous – and they will – to see them play
in one of the smallest & cosiests clubs in my hometown Ghent….


Singer/drummer JULIEN EHRLICH is upfront for several reasons. His high-flying vocals remind me of a falsetto singing SMOKEY ROBINSON and is the most striking instrument of this multi layered orchestra and he also entertains – nervously (“it’s weird to be in a country you don’t know”) – the audience between songs with questions about our city
and… weed (in our city)…

Band down, drummer sings…

His voice fits the moods generated by this whole orchestra harmoniously. They belong together. They’re a perfect match even when they play an instrumental. They wander
from funky to jazzy. From “this is our reggae song” (and the question about weed) to an Everly Brothers cover. Groovy bass, sparkling guitar lines and gloriously heartwarming trumpet parts fill the tiny room. We all sway from left to right and back…

When guitar and trumpet meet…

This is soul music anno 2016. A sound without frontiers. A band for lovers, a band
for friends, a band for many sentiments. Their forthcoming debut album will travel
this planet faster than they will play shows. The Motown Experience is back and it’s
called WHITNEY

Here’s an idea of the Whitney Live Experience

WHITNEY: Facebook – Twitter

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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