THE BLACK TAMBOURINES – Garage Punk Storm In Belgium….


THE BLACK TAMBOURINES – Kinky Star Club, Ghent – 27 February 2016

THE BLACK TAMBOURINES are four regular looking guys from Falmouth (Cornwall), UK who turn into supersonic riffs & hooks junkies the moment their guitars are plugged in to create a fully charged mix of 60s garage racket and muscled Mods punk ravage from the same decade. They play faster than white trash nitwit Donald Trump talks bollocks. Yes, that FAST! The gang is around for six years now, produced two dynamite albums along
the way and left their furious marks at many small & big concerts. From guerrilla gigs in the back of their van to appearances at big festivals such as Glastonbury and The Great Escape . Last Saturday they hit my hometown Ghent (last gig of a three-week tour) and
they proved, with crushing flair, that the euphoric reviews on the net weren’t written by themselves. The Black Tambourines are for real.


Speedy and furious. Adrenalized and hectic. With tons of cracking beats and blatant harmonies. Like a sixties US/UK jam with The 13th Floor Elevators and The Small Faces
after a healthy dose of amphetamines. They only slowed down when the bass’ amp couldn’t stand the heat no more and decided to break down… after only three songs. Blitzkrieg pop. At one point I had the impression they tried to play their two LP’s & a handful of new songs in just under 35 minutes. I just love these kind of blasting gigs.
Raw power. Kamikaze set list. High-voltage force. No special effects, no lousy jokes or boring stories between two explosions. Only rock & roll. With a big heart & a big bang!
Hail hail to The Black Tambourines….


The BT’s will jump into the studio soon to record new material. Meanwhile here’s some tumult from the recent past to soundtrack your gymnastics …

… and their two longplayers (self-titled 2014 debut and last year’s Freedom) on Spotify



(All photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

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