THE DRAYNES! The Sound Of A Filthy Basement…



Who/home: an arousing duo of noisemakers – Rick(guitar/vocals)
and Stan (drums/artwork) – from a dirty basement somewhere in
Edinburgh, Scotland where good old Elvis keeps them company…


Track: PSYCHOSIS – brand new single…

Score: I’m quite sure these guys started living in a basement recently to reproduce
the hammering underground noise they constantly heard in their heads. I mean a
real, authentic, filthy basement – under a uninhabitable hovel – with rats spreading
an unbearable smell and cockroaches breeding like rabbits. The duo installed a nearly broken gramophone and played the furious debut album by The Damned for seven consecutive days & nights on repeat to get in the right mood to create their new jam. Psychosis is the schizophrenic end result. Explosive basement punk tumult. Just listen
and think about what those poor rats and cockroaches had to endure down there…

THE DRAYNES: Facebook – Twitter

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