BLIND GIRL – Dark Voices Of Hope…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

Blind Girl
A collaboration between
All American Girl & Beth Rettig of Blindness
When dream pop and electro waves meet
at night in the gloomy shadows of London
Deep dark sound scape, black colored
Fascinating and weird and magnetic
and voices of hope as long as there’s
room enough to breathe

In these games we play
Taking life away
From all the traits that help the days matter

Saving Grace today
All restraints will fade
And open the airwaves and breathe

Take in the sounds and force yourself to listen
Look inside and find out what you’re missing

Saving Grace today
All restraints will fade
And open the airwaves and breathe

Chorus x 2


ALL AMERICAN GIRL: Bandcamp – Twitter
BETH RETTIG: Facebook – Twitter

EAGULLS ! New Surprising Track ‘My Life In Rewind’…



Leeds’ post punk rockers EAGULLS gave us, a couple of weeks ago, ‘Lemontrees’, the first track from new, second, album ULLAGES coming this spring. And now they just shared another new one MY LIFE IN REWIND . A surprising, introspective Curesque power ballad. Here’s the audio clip…

EAGULLS: Facebook – Twitter

Ghent – 2014... (my pic)

BONZO – Springtime Is Coming Really Close…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

BONZO – Café Video, Ghent – 23 February 2016


YES! I smelled the first BBQ of the year and I heard some delightful & cocktail infused songs to go with it. I also witnessed the combo that made it all happen. BONZO is the name. A Belgian down to earth four-piece generating relaxing guitar pop tunes to whistle when the sky turns blue and oxygen injected melodies to hum when you’re driving your tractor (yes, some individuals own that kind of vehicle) in the countryside. All colored with a smooth organ now & then and joyful harmonies to add some extra energy to the lazy daydreams. Plenty of springtime sparks. While the cold rain poured down outside – for several bloody days in a row now – this swirling quartet made me think inside Café Video
in my hometown Ghent about sunny afternoons with some deliciously fresh G & T‘s at hand, a hired cook (indispensable when you have two left hands yourself) to handle
the grill and a ‘I’m no man with a plan’ vibe as frontman Thijs muses in Salty Water

We all longing for that who cares sentiment and we all wait for the first spring sunbeams and the moments we only have to worry about our next drink while keeping an eye on the drunk cook to avoid unwanted fireworks. Don’t hurry, be happy. You’ll get the picture by now. The swaying spectators confirmed my euphoric thoughts while Thijs tried some Elvis hip moves when tempo went up. Yes, those moves that help you to stay straight on your surfboard. Fun. Fun. Fun.


To serve all BBQ addicts the band just released their 4-track BONZO TAPE . Vinyl is so passé , cassettes are back in town (no worries, you can download the songs the usual
way too). You can listen/purchase it here via Bandcamp. A G & T, please, bartender…

BONZO: Facebook


(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE PLEASURE ROUTINE – Not As Funny As You Would Expect…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

You need guts to start your sonic career
with a slow moving serpent of a venomous song
about the aftermath of a broken relationship…
that’s exactly what THE PLEASURE ROUTINE does,
a psych injected sextet out of Oakland, California
with singer/songwriter Lauren Kopp reminding
me of Grace Slick‘s voice in her darkest hours…
RUINS is not a pleasure trip, not a walk in the park,
yet you’ll be attracted strongly by its dark side,
by its sombre timbre and by its ominous sound
because you’ll probably recognise the experience,
it’s about life, yes, the rough side…

Just as I left you
In ruins
Like a thousand years
Of hurricanes
I’ve eroded you
Rusted through your name

You are a shadow
Of a former glory
That folded to greedier hands
Than your stores could withstand

I should have left you be
When you were
Beautiful and clean

These are all things you touched
But they’re broken now
And in this state
They’re more like you somehow

I should have left you be
When you were beautiful and clean


THE PLEASURE ROUTINE: Facebook – Twitter

CAR SEAT HEADREST – Messed Up Psychedelic Jams in Brussels…

Live-800 - kopie

CAR SEAT HEADREST – Botanique, Brussels – 21 February 2016


CAR SEAT HEADREST is WILL TOLEDO and his band. A 23-year-old singer/songwriter
from Seattle who looks barely 18, sounding sometimes as a 30-year-old. He already released 11 (yes, eleven) albums on Bandcamp over the last four years, all shaped in
his bedroom, before signing to Matador Records for his debut album TEENS OF STYLE
with the band. Actually a compilation of the best psychedelic jams the loner created
the past five years to get rid of some of his youthful demons. Think a young Beck
on mushrooms bellowing out loud while trying to create some freaky Beach Boys harmonies on his PC. That wicked, yes!


Last Sunday in Brussels he reproduced that mind-bending DIY sound on stage with mixed success. Too long quiet passages in his silent/loud/Pixies live approach and his at times annoying out-of-tune howls messed up some of his best momentums. Toledo is a highly talented songwriter and he’ll prove that with his soon-to-appear-proper-debut LP but his voice desperately needs some training to perform live unless he wants to become the Ian Brown – lead singer of The Stone Roses – of his generation…


CAR SEAT HEADREST: Facebook – Twitter


(All concert pics by TurnUpTheVolume!)

Here’s TEENS OF STYLE in full…


NEW ORDER – New Video for Single ‘SINGULARITY’…

Clips with an impact on your ears and eyes


Manchester synth pop combo NEW ORDER has shared a video for SINGULARITY. One of the highlight tracks on their comeback album MUSIC COMPLETE.The clip consists entirely of footage taken from the 2015 documentary ‘B Movie: B-Movie: Lust & Sound In West-Berlin 1979-1989‘ about the creative underground in West berlin at that time. Quite fascinating stuff. Here it is…

NEW ORDER: Website – Facebook



TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

Last week Greg Dulli came to my hometown Ghent
for an evening w/ his voice and soon Mark Lanegan
will play the same venue / both did it together 7 years
ago in Brussels / let’s bring them on for this cold night /
– double magic kicks – with help from Dave Rosser

GREG DULLI: Website – Facebook
MARK LANEGAN: Website – Facebook

Double kicks…

Greg Dulli in Vooruit venue in Ghent (14th Feb 2016 – Pics by TUTV!)


THE MAGNIFICENT 7! Big New Album Tracks – 2016 Week 8…


Seven rousing tracks from brand new albums
to test your speakers every day of the week!…

1/ ‘That’s Why’ by THE CAVE SINGERS
That repetitive, strolling bass riff will get you in the end, whether you
like it or not – haunting opener on the Seattle rockers’ fifth longplayer…
Album: BANSHEE – on Bandcamp
THE CAVE SINGERS: Website – Facebook

2/ ‘Gypsy Caravan’ by WOLFMOTHER
Andrew Stockdale, joined by his hair and a band, is back – prepare yourself for stoner grooves interwoven with Ozzy howls and hard glam rock riffs to turn it all up – heavyyyy !…
Album: VICTORIOUS – on iTunes
WOLFMOTHER: Website – Facebook

3/ ‘feed me’ by SO PITTED
Give this doom punk Seattle trio anything eatable, before their scary drones hypnotize
you completely while the band rips your soul into a thousand pieces – gloomy debut…
Album:  neo – on Bandcamp
SO PITTED: Facebook – Twitter

Great album title, great cover sleeve, great 10th album with this pumping track and its booming synths as one of the highlights – still innovating and highly entertaining…
Album: PAINTING WITH – on iTunes
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE: Website – Facebook

5/ ‘Samarra’ by LNZNDRF
Some The National & Beirut members needed another band to get rid of
their demons – this dark & explosively drums driven instrumental sounds
like an exorcistic Lanzendorf session in sonic progress – magnetizing ride…
Album: LNZNDRF – on iTunes
LNZNDRF: Website – Facebook

6/ ‘Falling To Believe’ by DOUG TUTTLE
1st solo album after the break-up of New Hampshire lo-fi psych popsters Mmoss – once again heartbreak inspires intense a touching songwriting…
Album: IT CALLS ON ME – on iTunes
DOUG TUTTLE: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Take Us Back’ by MAVIS STAPLES
Genuine blues/soul legends are forever – this is what Mavis Staples proves gloriously with this Benjamin Booker (could be her grandson) song and much more pearls on her new LP…
Album: LIVIN’ ON A HIGH NOTE – iTunes
MAVIS STAPLES: Website – Facebook

RICHARD ASHCROFT! Back with New Gripping Ballad…


The man is back. Brand new track THIS IS HOW IT FEELS is a vintage RICHARD ASHCROFT ballad. Gripping and eager. Moody and intense. He also announced his new, fourth, solo album THESE PEOPLE . Out May 20th.

Artwork for new album…

In a statement ASHCROFT said that his new longplayer concerned “some personal and world events [taking] a dark turn leading to a sense of urgency and a clearing of the mind” with songs about the Syrian war, the Arab Spring uprisings and the death of a close friend. He also added that he experimented with old and new equipment trying to find new textures and sounds to accompany an ancient art. He credited last year’s spate of acoustic shows in Mexico, Zurich and Bilbao for helping him realise “my lane in the chaos becomes clearer – to be a modern day troubadour.”

Here’s the audio clip of the new track…

RICHARD ASHCROFT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Welcome back

(pic by Getty)

GRIS-DE-LIN ! Saxphonic Kicks…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

Artist: GRIS-DE-LIN (alias was inspired by French named materials
Gris-De-Lin – Grey Linen – in the warehouse next door to where the artist lives)
Who/home: nautical songstress and multi-instrumentalist from Bridport, Dorset (UK)
Record Of The Day: THE KICK – her second single, officially out on March 7…
Score: here’s a mysterious, highly talented artist who combines weirdness & melodic
brilliance perfectly – The Kick starts with a free jazz sounding saxophone fragment before Gris-De-Lin’s vibrant voice takes over for a joyful, tempo changing, trip and she invites the
sax to accompany her for extra warmth and some charming kicks along the way, in this enthralling and richly arranged symphony – une performance tout à fait fantastique…

It’s strange to say I did not feel
the kick rebound from my upright stage
opponents prospered I could not touch
positioned round they threw themselves

Time… kick
Time… kick

In spite we know this place belonged
to the elements that day
try as we might home had imposed
possession absence failed our breeze

Time… kick
Time… kick

I did not feel the kick, the breeze
the prospered home and absent me
I did not feel the kick, the breeze
the prospered home and absent me


GRIS-DE-LIN: Website – Facebook – Twitter
Black - kopie - kopie - kopie