WIRE – Imperishable Sound Explorers…


31 March 2016


The fact that British post punk pioneers WIRE are still highly relevant is just because they always keep on exploring new – exciting – sounds, because they reincarnate themselves constantly and because their creativity seems inexhaustible. After last year’s praised self-titled LP the band are already back with another (mini) album. NOCTURNAL KOREANS
will be released on April 22nd via their Pink Flag label. Here’s the artwork…


Singer/songwriter Colin Newman on the new work in a press statement: “The WIRE album was quite respectful of the band, and Nocturnal Koreans is less respectful of the band—or, more accurately, it’s the band being less respectful to itself — in that it’s more created in the studio, rather than recorded basically as the band played it, which was mostly the case with WIRE. A general rule for this record was: any trickery is fair game, if it makes it sound better.”

The band just shared INTERNAL EXILE, a new track from the forthcoming album. Build around a repetitive, hypnotizing riff and a groovy mid-tempo beat WIRE takes you on an atmospheric trip into their richly orchestrated pop world. Start daydreaming here…

THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE – Schizophrenic Mess of Manic Psychedelia…


The who? I asked the band about their name before they started spying on this blog,
you never know in these days of Big Brother watching you 24/7. Here’s their reply: “Our name is actually an ironic statement. We are opposed to any forms of surveillance, violence,
or suppression by state or individuals. We believe in freedom and expressivity and peace for all.”
Okay, all clear, roll on…
Members: Alex P. (vocals, guitar), Heather Campbell (vocals, organ, analog synth), Sam Daoust (bass, backing Vocals) and Dror Zur (drums, backing vocals)
Track: SCHOOL ME – from their stunning 4-track EP ‘Maladies’ (Bandcamp link below)
Score: The Intelligence Service are actually four experienced musicians – led by singer, guitarist & songwriter Alex P. – who share a mental passion for rowdy & mind-bending sonic outbursts that will mess up your head irreversibly. They operate from out of a
secret base somewhere in Vancouver, Canada. Inflammable track ‘School Me’ is just one heated jam of an overall flabbergasted debut EP. A psychedelic garage steamroller fueled with hammering drums, fuzzy synth drones on the run, catchy organ chords and a sexual loaded vocal interplay between the beauty and the beast. Imagine The Velvet Underground jamming with The Black Angels after listening for hours, on high doses of epo, to Suicide records. Schizophrenic stuff. And the best news is that this gang has just canned a whole LP with producer Chris Woodhouse (famed for his work with Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, A-Frames). Now close the door and turn up the music…

THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE: Bandcamp – Instagram – Twitter

Surrender. Get totally brainwashed.
Here’s the mania driven EP in full,
starting with a 14-minute mindfucker…

Beware, they only look normal…

DIVINE YOUTH – Towering Debut Perfomance…



Who/home: passionate power pop trio out of Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Members: brothers Dan Sheldon (guitar/vocals) & Michael Sheldon (bass/vocals)
and Liam Kaye (drums)


Score: the anthemic drive of this stunning debut reminds me strongly of the progressive intensity British pop veterans Pulp developed on their classic strokes Common People and Glory Days. Also Divine Youth‘s frontman Dan Sheldon whispers fervently just as charismatic entertainer Jarvis Cocker invigorated his band’s songs for nearly four long decades. Divine Youth shares the same energy & passion as the Sheffield legends but the trio’s first official release has the rich potential to stand proudly on its own. A truly magnificent and gripping momentum to introduce your sonic delirium to the world.

DIVINE YOUTH: Facebook – Twitter


(pic: FB – DY)

ECHO TRAILS – Atmospheric Vibrations To Soundtrack Your Night…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

a five piece genre-bridging ensemble based in London & Cambridge
mixing exciting vibes from jazz to blues, from gypsy to folk and many
colorful & atmospheric vibrations in between, an impassioned cocktail,
an intriguing melting pot that crosses many different, exciting roads…
not exactly the sonic fusion you’ll hear regularly here, but anything
that tickles my ears has a place in my book, let’s taste this together…
IN LIMBO is the leading track of a new 4-track EP coming very soon
sensual & stimulant, quite & loud, electric & vigorous, carried firmly by
a distinctive and soulful voice to fall in love with in the midnight hour…

ECHO TRAILS: 2014 debut LP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

On a path of their own…

(pic; FB – eCHO tRAILS°

THE CONTRAVENES Share New Single – Glittering Rapture With ‘I, OF THE LOST’



Who/home: Electrifying indie rock four-piece out of Leeds, UK

Track: I, OF THE LOST – brand new single

Score: the key of this glittering guitar driven outburst of passion is a simple, yet irresistible guitar riff that will stick as first quality glue. Amplified with an overall melodic force and a highly intensified chorus you get a towering anthem in the end that will cause a stream of adrenalin. Knock-out!…

THE CONTRAVENES: Single on iTunes – Website – Facebook – Twitter


SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 26/27 March…


New edition of this weekly mix with seven steamy strokes
to shine a light in these troubled times. Music is the dope!

1/ ‘Coming Out Backwards’ by THEM BRUINS
Hammering four-piece on a roll with a nasty rockabilly punk twist à la The Cramps.
Only one of the towering highlights of their brand new 7-track EP. 2016 is theirs !…
On:: ‘No One Wants To Dance With Them Bruins’ EP – listen here
Home: Melbourne, Australia
THEM BRUINS: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Sign’ by MAN OF MOON
Scottish hyped drum/guitar duo with a new adrenalin injection to prove again that
they’re here to blow us all away with their hypnotizing beats & enthralling swagger…
On: brand new EP ‘Medicine’ out May 6 via Melodic Records
Home: Edinburgh, Scotland
MAN OF MOON: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Sunday TV’ by BLACK TWIG

Gloriously agitated & fuzzy pop bolide spiced with boosts of sparkling guitar firework.
On: new, third, LP ‘Blaze On A Plain’ out 15th April via Soliti
Home: Helsinki, Finland
BLACK TWIG: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Freeway’ by WHALE HOUSE
A deliciously swinging cracker with a single tone guitar riff that will stick as glue
in your ears after only one spin and a flamboyant chorus with an elevating force!…
From: brand new 2-track EP – here on Bandcamp
Home: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US
WHALE HOUSE: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Articial’ by FANG NIGHT
Ben Walker & Ewa Lefmann score big time with this debut. Brilliantly shaped and
soulfully performed pop pearl. The interweaving vocals are heavenly. Pure gold!
From: self-titled debut EP out now – on iTunes
Home: London, UK
FANG NIGHT: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Simple Song’ by BLUE HOUSE
Highly glamorous pop folk earworm brightened with exalting harmonies,
shiny guitars and a bouncy springtime organ in the back. Feels simply great!…
Home: London, UK
Label: Whipped Cream Records
BLUE HOUSE: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Tea, The Drink’ by SKYJELLY
A band centered around guitar vibes explorer Skyjelly Jones. They claim
to produce – take a deep breath – “Improvisational guitar noise pop blues
psychedelia left field soul loops
“. In short: mind-bending sonic escapades…
From: 4-track ‘Skyjelly & Sun’ EP – on Bandcamp
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, US
SKYJELLY: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

SAVAGES ! Adore Life… More Than Ever

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

For Brussels, Boston, Madrid,
London, Paris, Ankara, New York…
For the whole world regardless
race, color or religion…

If only I didn’t want the world
I wouldn’t make you feel so sad
I’m sure my shame would be gone
Is it human to adore life?

If only I’d hidden my lust
And starved a little bit more
If only I didn’t ask for more
Is it human to adore life?

I adore life

If only I’d lived beyond regret
I wouldn’t feel guilt for what I take
Is it human to ask for more?
Is it human to adore life?

I know evil when I see it
I know good and I just do it
If I hadn’t been so starved
Is it human to adore life?

I understand the urgency of life
In the distance there is truth which cuts like a knife
Maybe I will die maybe tomorrow so I need to say

I adore life

If only I had been more shy
And hid every tear I cried
If only I didn’t wish to die
Is it human to adore life?

If only I didn’t care so much
For the feel of your cold, cold touch
In every bed I leave behind
Is it human to adore life?

I understand the urgency of life
In the distance there is truth which cuts like a knife
Maybe I will die maybe tomorrow so I need to say

I adore life

I adore life
Do you adore life?


THE MAGNIFICENT 7 ! Back to the Year Of 2004 for Seven Memorable Album Tracks…


The Magnificent 7!
Seven outstanding tracks from
big albums released in the same year…


1/ ‘Spectacular’ by GRAHAM COXON
Irresistible banger from Blur‘s rocker at heart guitarist…

Album: HAPPINESS IN MAGAZINES – his fifth solo LP

2/ ‘Pistol Of Fire’ by KINGS OF LEON
The mighty Americana family rockers on a smoking roll…

Album: AHA SHAKE HEARTBREAK – their third LP

3/ ‘Test Transmision’ by KASABIAN
One of the killer tracks on the Leicester gang’s debut…

Album: KASABIAN – their first, self-titled, LP

4/ ‘Your Honor’ by REGINA SPEKTOR
The New York singer/songwriter/pianist goes bananas. Rousing drive.

Album: SOVIET KITSCH – her third LP…

5/ ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ by THE CONCRETES
Stellar pop cut (not The Supremes hit) from a Swedish 8-piece collective…

Album: CONCRETES – self titled debut LP

6/ ‘Jacqueline’ by FRANZ FERDINAND
One of the dazzling guitars loaded highlights on the Scots’ first longplayer…

Album: FRANZ FERDINAND – self-titled debut LP

7/ ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ by THE LIBERTINES
Undoubtedly one of their finest moments. Touching nostalgia…

Album: their second, self-titled body of work

All 7 crackers together on Spotify…


THE TAPESTRY – With New Vibrant Stomper ‘WE TALK’…


Greater Manchester band THE TAPESTRY are back with brand new single WE TALK.
The song was already written 2 years ago but got his final sonic treatment just recently.
It was recorded at The Charlatans’ Big Mushroom studio with their producer Jim Spencer (New Order, Johnny Marr…) and then mastered at Abbey Road with Alex Wharton (Paul McCartney, Pixies, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine). The final result is an irresistible, funky
disco stomper that should be played in every single disco around the globe. It swings,
it jumps, it makes you smile, it makes you feel better. We need spirited vibes like this
in these troubled times. Stand up and fight for your right to dance…

THE TAPESTRY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

C’est chique…

(photo: FB – The Tapestry!

TRACK OF THE DAY – For Them, For Us, For Anyone…

23 March 2016


It’s the day after the dramatic attacks in Brussel
As a Belgian, but most of all as a human being I
have a million questions on my confused mind
Who and what makes people so cruel? Who and
what makes people killing each other as long
as this world turns? Families are hurt again,
loved ones died again, another mess of pain
and loss. Hate is a beast, revenge is a beast,
death is a beast, fear is a beast, yet we all
know the simple art of loving one another…
So many families to grow up , so many loved
ones to grow up, no beast may bring us down,
but today I feel so bloody sad…

Violence in the air
Damage everywhere
Murder in my dreams
Waking up to screams
I just can’t explain
The way I feel inside
Hits me like a train
Eating me alive

Walking with the beast
Walking with the beast
You can’t get no peace
Walking with the beast
You can’t get no peace
You can’t get no peace
Walking with the beast

There goes another man
His future in his hands
Doesn’t know he’s going down
He’s still laughing as he drowns
His pain is his disease
Hurts him every time he breathes
Hates himself and everyone
He’s sucking on a loaded gun

Walking with the beast
Walking with the beast
You can’t get no peace
Walking with the beast
You can’t get no peace
You can’t get no peace
Walking with the beast