THE HIVES – It’s Gonna Be A Hot Summer in Belgium…


I just learned that punk rock gang THE HIVES will play ROCK ZOTTEGEM FESTIVAL in Belgium this year. So what? One: The Hives is one of the best live bands I ever witnessed (more than one time actually) and as I’m going to concerts and festivals since I was seven
I know what I’m talking about. They were born to set stages on fire all around the world. They were just made to play live. Heavy, overwhelming, fast & funny with a gigantic smile on their sweaty faces. Top entertainment! Two: the festival those Swedish punk cowboys will invade next July takes place in a field outside the beautiful city of Zottegem, almost in my backyard. With 20.000 crazy music junkies jumping up and down it will be the greatest and hottest rock and roll BBQ of 2016. I feel completely in the mood to warm up. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome…

I don’t know about you but I want more. Fasten your seatbelts for the best twenty punk minutes you’ll experience in a long time…

THE HIVES: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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