SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 5/6 March…


Seven flamboyant tracks to play 48 hours straight
with your windows and doors open, so everybody
in your street knows that it’s weekend again!

1/ ‘Bed Case’ by TANCRED
Swirling pop electricity that will elevate you instantly. Jess Abbott – from Minneapolis
indie rockers Now, Now – seems to have big fun with her new friends. Spicy score!
Album: ‘Out Of The Garden’ – out April 1 via Polyvinyl Records
Home: New England
TANCRED: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Nothing To Do’ by GORGEOUS BULLY
Haunting velvet vibes from the Manchester underground. Ramshackle riffs on the run. Hard to resist this highly feverish rattle. Sticky stuff that will infiltrate your veins…
More vibes: on Bandcamp
Home: Manchester, UK
GORGEOUS BULLY: Facebook – Twitter

3/ Walk The Dog (Backwards) by THE PLEASURE ROUTINE
New single from this peculiar Californian psych sextet. Never walk their dog. You’ll
end up in a straight jacket, completely messed up. Yes, this slam causes madness…
More tracks: on Bandcamp
Home: Oakland, California
THE PLEASURE ROUTINE: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Bruised Knees’ by VIRGIN KIDS
Completely agitated garage smack from these-three-soon-very-famous punk virgins.
Time to collect your old furniture and smash it into a thousand pieces. Hallelujah!
Album: ‘Greasewheel’ – out 11th March via Fluffer records
Home: London, UK
VIRGIN KIDS: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Circles’ by CRASH ISLAND
I need kicks like this to forget the cold weather outside. Elevating and groovy. Sunny
and exotic. This is richly colored pop ecstasy tasting like high quality piña colada…
EP: brand new 4-track ‘Dreamwaves’ – here on their wesbite
Home: London, UK
CRASH ISLAND: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Soccer Ball’ by BABY BLUE
This is “a song about my dog stealing someones soccer ball at the park
and them going crazy”
says Baby Blue‘s singer-songwriter Rhea Caldwell.
You’ll love the dog for inspiring this dreamy jangle pop pearl.
Home: Melbourne, Australia
BABY BLUE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Sid James’ by LOIS
Gripping power ballad that breathes British sixties psych pop at his best with passionate vocals, beatlesque harmonies and a warm organ in the back. Nostalgic splendour!
Album: ‘The Polperro Horse Bus Company’ (sounds like a crazy bus to be on) – via iTunes
Home: Nottingham, UK
LOIS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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