NARROW PLAINS – Elevating Americana Experience in UK…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

Who/home: Three Englishmen – London based – who are intensely committed
to spread their sonic folk driven fever around the world since early 2012…
Members: Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Stuart Connick (drums/back-up vocals)
and Roger Connick (bass/back-up vocals) …
Track: I SHOULD’VE KNOWN – single from their brand new, excellent debut album released via Smart Indie …
Score: Go visit your shrink, your doctor and your gym teacher without any delay
if your body does not start to react euphorically on hearing this incredibly catchy
buzz. A heavy folk injected bolide, slowing cleverly down for a few seconds now &
then before exploding again, that will inspire your arms and legs to go bananas.
Don’t tell me you can control your musculature when you hear this storm coming
out loud of your speakers. Last year they won the USA-based Bands4Good contest,
with a recording session with engineer John Davenport in his North Carolina ranch
(see video below) as an impressive prize. He used to work as a recording engineer
for The Rolling Stones & Bruce Springsteen among others. WOW. That experience
enforced the intensity of the accretion of Americana cells the English trio already
had in their bloodstream before. Here’s the elevating result…

NARROW PLAINS: Website – Facebook Twitter

Here’s some cool footage of Narrow Plains‘ week in North Carolina with John Davenport…


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