FUTURE OF THE LEFT – The Agitated Pussycats Are Back – Hell Yeah…


The near legendary Welsh post punk shit rockers FUTURE OF THE LEFT are
finally back to annoy us gloriously with a new album titled THE PEACE AND


In case you never heard of these noisy troublemakers: this is the band I’m waiting
for to help me blow white trash criminals Donald Trump and David Cameron off this
troubled planet with some badass drones and barbed wire lyrics. A naive thought
that keeps me happy. The new timebomb will be thrown in your face on April 8th by Prescriptions. Here are already two hammering tracks to test your ears while you
are smashing the new furniture of your radical right-wing monkey neighbour…


And you still can sponsor/pledge the new LP via this link… Pledge FOTL .
To invigorate their plegde-music-campaign the band fabricated a video with a couple of their members dressed up as horny pussycats – Lady Gaga wasn’t available – doing a 69. Perverts. Here’s the sick stuff…

FUTURE OF THE LEFT: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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