PSYCHIC LEMON – Prog Rock Trip Turns Into A Psych Blues Hellraiser…



Who/home: four highly skilled musicians making intoxicating noise in Cambridge, UK
– they suddenly fell out of that sky with diamonds into my hallucinating ears…

Track: DEATH CULT BLUES – magnetic highlight from brand new debut longplayer
Bandcamp link below…

Score: after a short sort of solemn Gregorian choir intro a sonic inferno will take you by surprise before you have any idea of what’s going on. Spaced out guitars on a crushing mission, hammering octopus drums and the devil himself on flute will hypnotize you instantly and transfer you in no time to a mind bending 1969 jam with King Crimson‘s guitar virtuoso Robert Fripp, Jethro Tull ‘s flautist Ian Anderson and then succesful Dutch art rockers Focus to orchestrate the whole shebang. High voltage prog rock as we know it,
but Psychic Lemon turns this sonic monster into a psychedelic blues injected hellraiser.
No time to breathe. No time to recover. This freakish marathon will grab you intensely whether you like it or not. Watch your back King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, here’s a thunderous competitor knocking loudly at your door…

PSYCHIC LEMON: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New lemons in town – approach with caution…

I guess you’re ready know to absorb all frenzied
escapades on their 6-track self-titled debut LP.
Play it loud and enjoy the staggering experience…

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