SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 11/13 March…


Seven boiling tracks to inflame your weekend
and to party hard as if Mondays never existed!

1/ ‘3AM Pony’ by BATZ
“It’s a song about finding yourself at a club with the rest of the dregs at 3am after everything else has closed and hating yourself for it the next day.” The band members look like they actually live in that club and dance 24/7 to their own bashing glam drones. Hell yeah!…
Home: Melbourne, Australia
BATZ – Facebook

2/ ‘Sprankles’ by THE VILLAGE BICYCLE
Organ driven garage pop orgy colored with highly appealing vocals that will
make you, your friends (and a pile of six packs) stay up for 24 hours straight.
Work: ‘Fits and Starts’ – brand new cassette/digital version via Jurassic Pop
Home: Cleveland, Ohio (LeBron James territory)
THE VILLAGE BICYCLE: More on Bandcamp – Facebook – Jurassic Pop label

3/ ‘Psycho Lover’ by MOONS OF MARS
A perfect pop thrill. Electrifying, hot and irresistibly composed. Spiced with vibrant harmonies and a swirling chorus. Dance to the beat, psycho’s. Should be a global hit…
Home: Los Angeles, California
MOONS OF MARS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

The passionate frontman of gripping Irish rockers Mojo Fury is on a fascinating,
multi layered pop trip of his own. This is high quality songwriting with elevating
vibrations that will mesmerize you more and more with every spin. Striking.
Album: debut album ‘LOFi LiFE’ out in May – you can pledge here
MICHAEL MORMECHA: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘What Became Of Laura R’ by HEAVY HEART
This powered dream pop bunch creates sticky vibes that will go around the world soon. One pearl per month. The British press is exuberant. They’re bloody right this time.
Home: London, UK
HEAVY HEART: Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Hollandia’ by ETHAN & THE REFORMATION
“Captivating five piece that will take you on a sonic journey through space and time”
says the band about their sonic fever. With this heavy groovin’ & hard rockin’,
sixties influenced, debut single they definitely walk it like they talk it. Score!…
Home: Manchester, UK
ETHAN & THE REFORMATION: Website – Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Midnight Hour’ by THE DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB
Not only the wackiest band name of the week, but also an explosive battery
of mean & nasty punk grooves – high voltage stuff to end this noisy party…
Album: SHAKEDOWN – on Bandcamp
Home: Bath, UK


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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