THE FRANKLYS – Badass All Female Bands Take Over…


Finally after more than 2000 years of male dictatorship on planet rock all female bands
are about to take over, especially in the UK. The Big Moon, Savages, deux furieuses, Abjects Blindness and Pins are just a few of the many all girls band kicking ass for some time now. They all bloody rock hard without being ridiculously macho like their opposite sex. Young female artists seem to have more confidence lately, much more than before anyway, to step forward, start bands and prove that making music isn’t something ‘only men’ at all. It actually never was, but – as we all know – the overall male dominated industry (labels and press) was/is a towering and obstinate obstacle to take. (note JL: in case you wonder, me, myself, I’m a feminist man). Only that way the new cool list will get longer every single day like I just added another gang of rousing ladies to my must hear/see/explore agenda:


An international four-piece with all-American drummer Nicole Pinto, Londoner Zoe Biggs
on bass and fronted by Swedish pair Jen Ahlkvist (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) & Fanny Broberg on lead guitar. They started to make some impressive noise in 2012 in the capital of England and released a couple of explosive EP’s and singles so far. And to inflame 2016 they just shared brand new track COMEDOWN. A bashing sledgehammer to cause mosh pits around the globe. Amplified, tempo changing drones with flamboyant vocals on top and a BIG chorus to initiate a stream of adrenalin. A powerful bolide spiced with tons of guts and the damn right here-we-are-as-we-are- attitude. In my mind the accompanying video celebrates the fall of men-in-rock. Hallelujah!…

Comedown will be released 25th March.
On 7″ – you can pre-order here – and digitally via iTunes


THE FRANKLYS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(photo: FB The Franklys)

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