YEAH YEAH YEAHS – ‘Show Your Bones’ – Released 10 Years Ago…


SHOW YOUR BONES by YEAH YEAH YEAHS – Released 22 March 2006


Show Your Bones is the YYYs’ second album, issued 3 years after their firework debut Fever To Tell LP. “Walking confidently in their own footsteps but without claiming any new ground” said Pitchfork. “It’s gutsy, bruised, womb-warm, simultaneously tender & defiant. Just about as sprawling as you can get in under 40 minutes. Brilliant, in short.” wrote NME. To my ears it still is their best opus. Deeply intense, darkly passionate and several giant tunes (Gold Lion / Phenomena / Cheated Hearts / Way Out and Déja Vu)…

An acoustic album amplified with electric guitars and Karen O‘s piercing vox all over the place. Less sharp, less punky than the debut LP. In sound that is. No dates with the night this time. The temperamental vitality is equal on both albums, it’s the sonic orchestrations
& aural colors that are different. Good for us. Bones is more melodic, more poppy and has more magnetizing moments than the more furious Fever except for the untouchable Maps ballad of course. Frontwoman Karen O summarized it simply and to the point: “We’re not interested in making ‘Fever To Tell Part 2’. The pressure is to re-invent ourselves. We don’t know how we’re going to do it yet but I think it’s in our best interests to try to explore other directions.” Guitarist Nick Zinner added, “It seems like a necessary step and the obvious thing to do is not repeat what you’ve played. I was disappointed by a lot of band’s second records recently over the past year or two because it sounded like B-sides from the first record.”

Music, maestro, please…

ALBUM in ull…

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  1. afortnightaway · March 22, 2016

    Great review! Is this already 10 years ago? Wow, time flies 🙂

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