THE MAGNIFICENT 7 ! Back to the Year Of 2004 for Seven Memorable Album Tracks…


The Magnificent 7!
Seven outstanding tracks from
big albums released in the same year…


1/ ‘Spectacular’ by GRAHAM COXON
Irresistible banger from Blur‘s rocker at heart guitarist…

Album: HAPPINESS IN MAGAZINES – his fifth solo LP

2/ ‘Pistol Of Fire’ by KINGS OF LEON
The mighty Americana family rockers on a smoking roll…

Album: AHA SHAKE HEARTBREAK – their third LP

3/ ‘Test Transmision’ by KASABIAN
One of the killer tracks on the Leicester gang’s debut…

Album: KASABIAN – their first, self-titled, LP

4/ ‘Your Honor’ by REGINA SPEKTOR
The New York singer/songwriter/pianist goes bananas. Rousing drive.

Album: SOVIET KITSCH – her third LP…

5/ ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ by THE CONCRETES
Stellar pop cut (not The Supremes hit) from a Swedish 8-piece collective…

Album: CONCRETES – self titled debut LP

6/ ‘Jacqueline’ by FRANZ FERDINAND
One of the dazzling guitars loaded highlights on the Scots’ first longplayer…

Album: FRANZ FERDINAND – self-titled debut LP

7/ ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’ by THE LIBERTINES
Undoubtedly one of their finest moments. Touching nostalgia…

Album: their second, self-titled body of work

All 7 crackers together on Spotify…


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