THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE – Schizophrenic Mess of Manic Psychedelia…


The who? I asked the band about their name before they started spying on this blog,
you never know in these days of Big Brother watching you 24/7. Here’s their reply: “Our name is actually an ironic statement. We are opposed to any forms of surveillance, violence,
or suppression by state or individuals. We believe in freedom and expressivity and peace for all.”
Okay, all clear, roll on…
Members: Alex P. (vocals, guitar), Heather Campbell (vocals, organ, analog synth), Sam Daoust (bass, backing Vocals) and Dror Zur (drums, backing vocals)
Track: SCHOOL ME – from their stunning 4-track EP ‘Maladies’ (Bandcamp link below)
Score: The Intelligence Service are actually four experienced musicians – led by singer, guitarist & songwriter Alex P. – who share a mental passion for rowdy & mind-bending sonic outbursts that will mess up your head irreversibly. They operate from out of a
secret base somewhere in Vancouver, Canada. Inflammable track ‘School Me’ is just one heated jam of an overall flabbergasted debut EP. A psychedelic garage steamroller fueled with hammering drums, fuzzy synth drones on the run, catchy organ chords and a sexual loaded vocal interplay between the beauty and the beast. Imagine The Velvet Underground jamming with The Black Angels after listening for hours, on high doses of epo, to Suicide records. Schizophrenic stuff. And the best news is that this gang has just canned a whole LP with producer Chris Woodhouse (famed for his work with Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, A-Frames). Now close the door and turn up the music…

THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICE: Bandcamp – Instagram – Twitter

Surrender. Get totally brainwashed.
Here’s the mania driven EP in full,
starting with a 14-minute mindfucker…

Beware, they only look normal…

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