SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 30 April/1 May…


New weekend, new edition of this energizing mix
with seven knock-outs to inflame body & soul!…


1/ ‘I Fall’ by CHAIKA
A mesmeric Krautrock beat growing intensely with every bloody second. Glowing guitars, exploding vocals and a dazzling drive to get lost in. Did I mention this is the B-side of their new single? Dope cut. After Hookworms & Eagulls another steamy gang out of Leeds, UK
New single: The Quietness / I Fall – on iTunes
CHAIKA: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Haunt Me’ by PRISM TATS
Write this fresh, multi-layered, thundering pop band, led by South Africa born musician and now US based Garett van der Spek on your must-listen-now-on-repeat list. This stirring glam knock-out is just one of the vitalizing highlights of the man’s invigorating first LP!
Album: brand new self-titled debut – on iTunes
Base: Seattle/Los Angeles, US
PRISM TATS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Magic Landing’ by HOLY WAVE
Irresistible, repetitive, mind-bending groove adrenalized with motorik beats, pounding riffs and floating harmonies. Explore more of their spacey trips here on their new longplayer…
Album: ‘Freaks Of Nature’ – on Bandcamp
Base: Austin, Texas
HOLY WAVE: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Caterpillar’ by HONEY RADAR
Led by singer/songwriter/producer Jason Henn this swirling five-piece generates garage jingle jangle that will mess up your brains and you’ll love it. A ramshackle guitar killer.
Album: second LP ‘Blank Cartoon’ – out 20th May via What’s Your Rupture?
Home: Richmond, Indianapolis
HONEY RADAR: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Wasting Away’ by ADAM & ELVIS
They say: ‘We are ambassadors of creative alternative pop‘. I say: ‘They are damn right‘. This vibrant track jumps all over the place, in all directions, making you deliciously dizzy. Yes, sir, inventive pop spiced with sparkling electro dynamics, brisk vocals and a top chorus.
Home: Reading/London, UK
ADAM & ELVIS: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Stop’ by SAFE TO SWIM
Smashing opener of this firm rollin’ power pop quartet’s first EP. The kicking bass/drums groove will test your head’s flexibility and the anger loaded refrain is one to scream along.
EP: brand new debut 4-track ’20 Years’ via Pink Tape Records
Home: Brighton, UK
SAFE TO SWIM: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Down And Out’ by BLACK LIME
Striking debut single from this solid knocking British foursome. A hammering eruption with a pumping rhythm artillery, boiling riffs and agitated vocals. High voltage stuff.
Home: Hull, UK
BLACK LIME: Facebook – Twitter


/ BIG BAD ECHO / Phenomenal & Mind-Bending Serpent..



Who: started as the mere songwriting outlet for frontman Mick Reddy in 2013, this weirdly mismatched bunch, but in others, completely suited to each other generate a unforgiving brand of slightly psychedelic, sun-bleached post-punk made up of a collection of many influences and ideas as diverse as the dudes in the band themselves…

Home: Brisbane, Australia


Track: BLINK YOUR EYES – closing track from their new, overall intriguing 7-track
debut EP, titled… IT TAKES A BIG DOG TO WEIGH A TONNE (Spotify link below)…

Score: this irresistibly hypnotizing jam just blew me away on first hearing. A mind-
bending banger, growing sonically bigger and more dangerous with every second. This terrific, psychedelic serpent will creep under your skin slowly but surely. Overwhelming finale. Impressive trip. Check in, right here…

BIG BAD ECHO: Facebook – More info & reviews

Here’s the debut EP in full..


OASIS – Rock & Roll History in Maine Road, Manchester 20 Years Ago…



Twenty years ago – on April 27 & 28, 1996 – OASIS (two years after I travelled to London
to see them live for the first time in London in a small venue) played two spectacular sell-out gigs at MAINE ROAD, the (then) stadium of their beloved MANCHESTER CITY football team, before 2 x 40.000 ecstatic fans. Two legendary mammoth events of which the first one was immortalized on a millions selling Video Tape (damn, where did I put my copy?)…

That special-for-the-occasion guitar…

The year before (October 3, 1995) they released their 2nd and worldwide breakthrough album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? These were their first stadium performances, pretty historical happenings. To celebrate I picked a clip of the first night – because of some great shots of the atmosphere & the euphoric crowd, the great brothers vocals
and a playful Liam) with the explosive intro THE SWAMP and the awesome ACQUIESCE. Brilliant and unforgettable rock and roll moments!…

OASIS: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

The whole set on a bootleg cassette..

OasisTicket 001-800
My own legendary souvenir, signed by Liam…


DEXYS – Back With Blissful Cover of JONI MITHCHELL’s ‘Both Sides Now’…


‘Both Sides Now’ by DEXYS


DEXYS better known to the Come On Eileen world as DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS is
still centred around the underrated, eccentric and stylish frontman/singer/songwriter KEVIN ROWLAND. After their excellent 2012 comeback longplayer One Day I’m Going to Soar the Birmingham collective is ready for a successor. On 3rd June a new LP will be out, titled, take a deep breath… Let The Record Show: DEXYS DO IRISH AND COUNTRY SOUL A recent statement on their FB page explains: Like many other 2nd generation Irish recording artists who have come to prominence in the UK over the last 30 years, Kevin’s Irish roots have been a significant influence on his and Dexys work, an influence that is explored in the new LP. As 2nd refined foretaste the band just shared brand new single/video BOTH SIDES NOW.
A deliciously soulful mid-tempo cover of an enthralling, intimate ballad by the legendary American singer-songwriter JONI MITCHELL from her same-titled 2000 album. DEXYS
turn the song into a full-hearted, twinkling and sweetly vibrant sounding little pearl. Like
a blissful springtime sunbeam. It will make you feel better, like I do right now. The Young Soul Rebels are back, a bit older, but flourishing again…

DEXYS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


THE BANKROBBER – Universal Guitar Pop Vibrations…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie



A band formed in Riva del Garda, Italy, in 2008. Yes, named after that swaying song by
that legendary gang The Clash. But they’re more about gripping guitar pop than about punk reggae, more about multi-layered symphonies than about in-your-face rock & roll. PIER 39, leading track of their new, 5-track EP, THE LAND OF THE TALES is crystal clear proof of their inventive songwriting qualities. This shiny pearl sounds like a pop orchestra spiced with touching electro dynamics. Elevating, with an anthemic power reminding me of British bands, such as the worldwide mega Coldplay and the lesser known, but brilliant The Maccabees. THE BANKROBBER is an experienced five-piece producing universal pop vibrations. They should be heard outside of Italy, outside of Europe, they should be heard just everywhere. Let’s start here…

THE BANKROBBER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Here’s new EP THE LAND OF TALES in full.
Five electrifying tracks to explore from close by…


THE CORAL! Fascinating New Video for ‘Holy Revelation’…

White stuff

THE CORAL are finally back following a five-year hiatus. The Merseyside psych rockers released new album DISTANCE INBETWEEN early last month. A very strong and highly praised body of work. definitely one of their best to my ears. An overall adventurous sixties drenched sound, marvelously melodic orchestrations, moody & dark storytelling and always eight miles high.


Now they shared a fascinating video for album’s track HOLY REVELATION. Energizing psychedelia spiced with dynamic, forceful beats and an ongoing pounding groove. Score!…

THE CORAL: Website – Facebook – Twitter


LITTLE BARRIE – Brand New Nasty Single ‘I.5.C.A’…




Barrie Cadogan (writer/guitarist & vocalist, also member of the mighty Primal Scream),
Lewis Wharton (bassist) and Virgil Howe (drums) are hammering on their own chosen
blues rock path, under the fashion radar, for some years now with invigorating, guitar 
driven and psych loaded jams. After the release of 2014 album Shadow – produced by Scottish legend Edwyn Collins – frontman Cadogan stated: “I don’t ever want us to repeat ourselves. We want to keep moving, your tastes change, and the way you want to go too. The band’s sound has changed, there was more of a soul influence on the first album, and then there was rockabilly and the surf thing, and now it’s a bit more garage-y. But we have played together so much more, and because of that we’ve been able to do a lot more. It’s not just the gigs, but recording and rehearsing together.”

Now the British trio just shared brand new single I.5.C.A.. Officially out on 3rd June as a limited edition 7″ vinyl and as a download (you can pre-order via their website). It is a
shirty distorted garage blues jam powered with nastily piercing ramshackle guitar play inspired by their last big US tour and the everlasting journeys across endless American freeways, totally out of their minds and influenced by some Beastie Boys madness. Listen to this viper the right way: play it loud!…

LITTLE BARRIE: Facebook – Twitter


(pic: FB – Little Barrie)

COACHELLA 2016 FESTIVAL! Looking Back In 17 Pictures…


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival edition 2016 is history.
Two weekends ( April 15-17 & 22-24) of multi-genres music in the desert
in Indio, California with an endless stream of young and fresh, veteran,
mega and lesser known artists & lots of mesmerizing sunshine. Mind you,
we have some great festivals (with even better line-ups – FACT) in Belgium
too but every year single year we don’t know if the sun will be performing.
Whatever, here my own selection of 17 Coachella acts. All photos by rad
American photo agency Getty Images


Glittering pop beauty…

2/ Courtney Barnett
New slacker rock queen on her knees…

Alison Mosshart was born to be pictured…

4/ Sufjan Stevens
“Look, folks, I’m at my Sunday best”…

5/ Grimes
Coming at you with purple temper…

Magical Natasha Khan in action…

Denying all split rumours…

The ever underrated LA indie blues rockers playing their home state…

Beth having a walk & meeting some fans…

Miles Kane & Alex Turner having the time of their lives… again

11/ LCD Soundsystem
James Murphy covered Prince‘s funky cracker Controversy

Alive & kicking harder than before…

Axl Rose on Dave Ghrol‘s throne. You lazy old thief….

14/ M83
French electro shoegaze vibrations in the desert…

15/ 1975
British boys band celebrating their new US success with some red Bordeaux ..

Yes, I had to look myself twice too. It’s good old punk Dave Vanian

David Bowie fell to earth again, only for the weekend…

COACHELLA 2016: Tumblr – Facebook – Instagram –


All pics by GETTY IMAGES

PENTACON SIX – Your New Favorite Jingle Jangle Band…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

‘Capture You’ by PENTACON SIX


All the way from Forth Worth, Texas
With new lively jingle jangle single
Catchy start-tapping-your-foot vibe
Tempting boy-vs-girl vocal interplay
& swinging drive to get hooked on
Press the play button here…

PENTACON SIX: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Your favorite new jingle jangle band…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 23/24 April…


New weekend, new edition of this steamrollin’ mix
with 7 supreme strokes to spoil your hungry ears…

1/ ‘Blink Your Eyes’ by BIG BAD ECHO
This hypnotizing banger blew me away on first hearing. A mind-bending serpent that will
creep under your skin slowly but surely. Overwhelming finale. This is impressive stuff!…
From: debut EP – stream on Soundcloud…
Home: Brisbane, Australia
BIG BAD ECHO: Artist info – Facebook

2/ ‘Second Coming’ by IN HOODIES
In Hoodies is London-based, Turkish born singer/songwriter Murat Kılıkçıer with a notable helping hand from some British musicians. This marvelously groovin’ cracker is just one
of the highlights on his excellent debut LP ‘A Lunar Manoevre‘. Magnificent artwork too.
Album: explore in full on Bandcamp
IN HOODIES: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Helen Of Troy’ by CUT RIBBONS
Blissful pop stroke driven by delicious guitar lines sounding as electrifying sunbeams. A richly colored orchestration reminding me of early Arcade Fire symphonies. Big score!
Home: Llanelli, Wales
CUT RIBBONS: Website – Facebook –Twitter

4/ ‘Sometimes’ by THEE MIGHTEES
Addictive garage pop cracker to get hooked on instantly. Discover their other
vibrant jingle jangle kicks on their debut cassette ‘Smiling‘ here on Bandcamp.
Home: Sheffield, UK
Record label: Fuzzkill Records
THEE MIGHTEES: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Monolith’ by FLUFFER
New, booming hot single from this thumping party trio. Pounding electro drones & compelling beats to mess up your uncontrollably banging head. Handle with care!
Home: Cincinnati, Ohio, US
FLUFFER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Psycho Disco Face’ by ORANJ SON
Prepare yourself for a swinging psych pop cut with a contagious chorus to dance and scream along to. Use your living room as a dance floor and start the weekend in style!
Home: Liverpool, UK
ORANJ SON: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Without You Here’ by GLASS ANKLE
Multi-layered, folky pop splendor. Melodic and harmonic. Feel good vibrations that will put a beatific smile on your face after a couple of spins. Beautifully composed graciousness .
Home: Manchester, UK
GLASS ANKLE: Bandcamp – Website – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…