MEATBODIES – Guitar Loaded Garage Storm in Brussels…


MEATBODIES – Vaartkapoen, Brussels – 7 April 2016


Long haired Chad Ubovich, touring guitarist for Mikal Cronin and bassist in Ty Segall‘s
Fuzz project, has his own smashing band, called MEATBODIES. They released their self-titled wall-of-guitars-filled-garage-rock-extravaganza debut album in 2014. Yesterday they landed in Brussels for the 2nd time. Live this quartet is a dazzling steamroller producing
an incredibly vigorous fueled havoc. A deafening assault on your hungry ears. Heavy, fast and furious like playing two albums of The Stooges at the same time at the highest speed possible. Here we have an energetic bunch of magnetizing noisemakers with a crushing rhythm section and two highly turbulent guitarists creating a glorious racket.LOUD! If
you never heard them before try this speedy firecracker for starters…

At times they sounded like a 60s prog rock band on speed electrifying the whole shebang with long, splattering guitar solos. Not like those endless, masturbating Eric Clapton ones, but rather acid injected, supersonic finger manoeuvres. LOUD! LOUD!


They alternated their ongoing thunder with some twisted mid-tempo outbursts now and then. Think Black Sabbath drones enforced with nowadays high-tech amps. LOUD! LOUD! LOUD! Even when they played snippets of a couple of country songs while Ubovich was replacing a broken string the party wasn’t affected at all. Our heads just couldn’t stop spinning around. Hail hail MEATBODIES! With a storming set (including the two new
songs ‘Valley Girl / Hibernation’ – Spotify link below) like this you only win new fans…

Dynamite grooves…

Here are the two brand new songs
Valley Girl and Hibernation (cool fuzz groove)

MEATBODIES: Facebook – Twitter

Yes, he looks a bit like Ozzy…

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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