SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 9/10 April…


New weekend, new edition of this whirling mix,
amplified again with seven towering crackers!…

1/ ‘Down On Me’ by MYSTIC BRAVES
The LA rockers sound like an electrifying reincarnation of The Byrds here, twisting your head with this tempo changing psych pop pearl spiced with warm 60s organ touches.
On: ‘Days Of Yesteryear’ their 3rd LP – via Lolipop Records
Home: Echo Park, Los Angeles, US
MYSTIC BRAVES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Redhead’ by MAGIC SHOPPE
Can’t get enough of this magnetic reverb foursome. Their jingle jangle guitars and pulsing rhythm section generate mind-bending grooves to get lost in over & over again. Big score!
EP: 4-track ‘Interstellar Car Crash’ EP – on Bandcamp
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, US
MAGIC SHOPPE: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Sand’ by GIUNGLA
Giungla (Italian for ‘jungle’) is actually singer/songwriter Emanuela Drei. Once you
will have heard the repetitive, mesmerizing guitar line combined with her seducing, nostalgic pop voice on this spectacular debut single you will remind her forever.
Soon: debut EP ‘Camo’ – out May 20th via Factory Flaws
Home: Bologna, Italy
GIUNGLA: Website – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Rebel Heart’ by THE SHELTERS
Four rock apostles on a mission to get everyone’s ass out of their lazy couch and start a blustery rock & roll party. Their debut LP is co-produced by none other than Tom Petty!
On: self-titled album out June 10th – stream it here
Home: Los Angeles, California, US
THE SHELTERS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘When Black Turns Green’ by PET SUN
Bluesy slow/fast psych rollercoaster, powered with scorching guitars, that will mess up
your mind the way you actually like it. Only one of the highlights on their debut album.
LP: self-titled debut out via The Hand Recordings
Home: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
PET SUN: LP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Crash Life’ by SWIM TEAM
Catchy, melodic, trash pop delivered with tons of guts, confident attitude
and mean, caustic vigor. Turn up the decibels and test your new speakers!…
On: self-titled debut album on cassette via Infinity Cat Recordings
Home: Cincinnati, Ohio, US

7/ ’84’ by THE BLINDERS
Fresh British trio producing powerful, blues injected and heavy guitar loaded
outbursts. Rough, angry, intense and honest. Catch their fully charged fever!…
On: 4-track debut EP ‘Hidden Horror Dance’
Home: Doncaster, England
THE BLINDERS: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

One comment

  1. Paul Fassam( RockArt management) · April 8, 2016

    Big thanks from The Blinders for reviewing our track 84. You can also hear tracks on Soundcloud-The Blinders 👏

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