VANT- Outspoken Rock & Roll Bolide in Brussels…


VANT – Anciennne Belgique Club – 12 April 2016

After a short introduction by charismatic frontman MATTIE VANT “We are Vant, we are
from planet Earth”
the young British quartet went completely guitar mad for about an
hour. Wham Bam! A fully charged bolide producing merciless riffs, hammering drums
and pumping bass along their scorching route. Mattie leads the rousing troops with confident flair and in different positions. Standing up, laying down on his back and screaming out loud on his knees. Garage rock tumult at his damn best.


But there’s much more to this smoking gang than fabricating glorious noise. They’re well aware about the troubled times we all life in and Mattie ventilates their frustration about
it in the band’s lyrics and spits it all out with angry determination on his face. The excited crowd’s favorite – sung along word by word – PARKING LOT is about sexual assault on US college campuses and boiling anthem THE ANSWER criticises the war in Syria. “What we need now more than ever is PEACE AND LOVE and you, guys, definitely know more why than anybody else…” confirms this engaged young man at one point. Yes, this is Brussels. Yes,
it’s about bloody time that the capitalistic war industry stops making a violent mess out
of this beautiful world. And yes, I think it’s quite important that musicians are socially and politically outspoken. Not in an obsessed preaching way. But with a realistic consciousness of what’s actually going on. Mind you, I have no problem with songs about ‘cigarettes and alcohol’, not at all, but we also need rock & roll artists who tackle the disturbed and evil Donald Trumps of this era. VANT combines both sentiments in their powerful, agitated
and anthemic jams. That’s why they’re special. Hail to them!…


Five adrenalin tracks shared so far,
five inflammable sledgehammers,
start your private Vant party here…


VANT: Website – Facebook – Twitter


(All pics by Turn Up The Volume!)


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