GARBAGE – Brand New Burning Single ‘Empty’…

21 April 2016


GARBAGE will release their 6th studio album STRANGE LITTLE BIRDS on June 10th
via their own Stunvolume label. But just arrived now is brand new first single EMPTY.
A crushing wall-of-sound banger with a frustrated SHIRLEY MANSON on a raging roll
in the towering chorus “I am so empty, you’re all I’m thinking about”. Impressive return!
Play it loud…

GARBAGE: ‘Empty’ on iTunes – Website – Facebook – Twitter

Tracklist NEW ALBUM:
01. Sometimes
02. Empty
03. Blackout
04. If I Lost You
05. Night Drive Loneliness
06. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
07. Magnetized
08. We Never Tell
09. So We Can Stay Alive
10. Teaching Little Fingers to Play
11. Amends

Yes, August 8th in Belgium – See you there…

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