TALKATIVE – Ingenious Noise Rock Escapades From Portland US in Belgium…


TALKATIVE – Café Video, Ghent – 19 April 2016

TALKATIVE. Four young, normal looking musicians out of Portland, Oregon, US (for NBA
fans, like me, Portland is the city of the Damien Lillard led Trailblazers team) turning into a swirling, noisy rock machine when they hit the stage. Start playing the video on top right now and you’ll know exactly what I mean. They also kicked off their performance in my hometown yesterday with Mongoose, the stellar opener of their most intriguing and overall challenging debut album Hot Fruit Barbeque (Bandcamp link below).

Portland rock machine at work…

They call it sludgy, colorful art rock themselves. I say it’s an electrifying and highly spicy cocktail of hypnotizing grooves and sparkling, tempo changing noise escapades. They smartly combine fragments of poppy melodies with snippets of danceable electro vibes and reinforce the whole shebang with glimmering guitars, gloriously hammering drums and tensely pumping bass. The final result varies from punky art rock electricity to strongly amplified pop symphonies with the compelling, nasal vocals of singer Cody Berger on top singing stories about the Wild West, getting a snow job and going almost in trance with a surprising lullaby about centrifuckation (no idea what it means, but it’s a damn cool word).

Eight miles high…

While I’m writing this I’m listening, truly amazed, to their aforementioned debut LP, for
the third time in a row. Wow! This band explores so many exciting directions and creates – thanks to their towering songwriting inventiveness – so many different sonic moods. You just want to go back to keep on discovering more and more of their enthralling, multi-layered journeys. Enthusiastic? Yes, I bloody am. A spectacular find on a regular, at first dull looking Tuesday. These ingeniously musical Trailblazers will still have my full attention
long after the play-offs are over, long after Golden State Warriors celebrated their second championship in a row. Impressive gang, impressive stuff!…


Taste TALKATIVE‘s thunder here in full
with long-player HOT FRUIT BARBEQUE

TALKATIVE: Facebook – Twitter

“I’m not so sure about those Golden State Warriors…”

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