LITTLE BARRIE – Brand New Nasty Single ‘I.5.C.A’…




Barrie Cadogan (writer/guitarist & vocalist, also member of the mighty Primal Scream),
Lewis Wharton (bassist) and Virgil Howe (drums) are hammering on their own chosen
blues rock path, under the fashion radar, for some years now with invigorating, guitar 
driven and psych loaded jams. After the release of 2014 album Shadow – produced by Scottish legend Edwyn Collins – frontman Cadogan stated: “I don’t ever want us to repeat ourselves. We want to keep moving, your tastes change, and the way you want to go too. The band’s sound has changed, there was more of a soul influence on the first album, and then there was rockabilly and the surf thing, and now it’s a bit more garage-y. But we have played together so much more, and because of that we’ve been able to do a lot more. It’s not just the gigs, but recording and rehearsing together.”

Now the British trio just shared brand new single I.5.C.A.. Officially out on 3rd June as a limited edition 7″ vinyl and as a download (you can pre-order via their website). It is a
shirty distorted garage blues jam powered with nastily piercing ramshackle guitar play inspired by their last big US tour and the everlasting journeys across endless American freeways, totally out of their minds and influenced by some Beastie Boys madness. Listen to this viper the right way: play it loud!…

LITTLE BARRIE: Facebook – Twitter


(pic: FB – Little Barrie)

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