DEXYS – Back With Blissful Cover of JONI MITHCHELL’s ‘Both Sides Now’…

27 April 2016

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

‘Both Sides Now’ by DEXYS


DEXYS better known to the Come On Eileen world as DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS is
still centred around the underrated, eccentric and stylish frontman/singer/songwriter KEVIN ROWLAND. After their excellent 2012 comeback longplayer One Day I’m Going to Soar the Birmingham collective is ready for a successor. On 3rd June a new LP will be out, titled, take a deep breath… Let The Record Show: DEXYS DO IRISH AND COUNTRY SOUL A recent statement on their FB page explains: Like many other 2nd generation Irish recording artists who have come to prominence in the UK over the last 30 years, Kevin’s Irish roots have been a significant influence on his and Dexys work, an influence that is explored in the new LP. As 2nd refined foretaste the band just shared brand new single/video BOTH SIDES NOW.
A deliciously soulful mid-tempo cover of an enthralling, intimate ballad by the legendary American singer-songwriter JONI MITCHELL from her same-titled 2000 album. DEXYS
turn the song into a full-hearted, twinkling and sweetly vibrant sounding little pearl. Like
a blissful springtime sunbeam. It will make you feel better, like I do right now. The Young Soul Rebels are back, a bit older, but flourishing again…

DEXYS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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