DEXYS – Back With Blissful Cover of JONI MITHCHELL’s ‘Both Sides Now’…


‘Both Sides Now’ by DEXYS


DEXYS better known to the Come On Eileen world as DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS is
still centred around the underrated, eccentric and stylish frontman/singer/songwriter KEVIN ROWLAND. After their excellent 2012 comeback longplayer One Day I’m Going to Soar the Birmingham collective is ready for a successor. On 3rd June a new LP will be out, titled, take a deep breath… Let The Record Show: DEXYS DO IRISH AND COUNTRY SOUL A recent statement on their FB page explains: Like many other 2nd generation Irish recording artists who have come to prominence in the UK over the last 30 years, Kevin’s Irish roots have been a significant influence on his and Dexys work, an influence that is explored in the new LP. As 2nd refined foretaste the band just shared brand new single/video BOTH SIDES NOW.
A deliciously soulful mid-tempo cover of an enthralling, intimate ballad by the legendary American singer-songwriter JONI MITCHELL from her same-titled 2000 album. DEXYS
turn the song into a full-hearted, twinkling and sweetly vibrant sounding little pearl. Like
a blissful springtime sunbeam. It will make you feel better, like I do right now. The Young Soul Rebels are back, a bit older, but flourishing again…

DEXYS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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