THE BANKROBBER – Universal Guitar Pop Vibrations…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie



A band formed in Riva del Garda, Italy, in 2008. Yes, named after that swaying song by
that legendary gang The Clash. But they’re more about gripping guitar pop than about punk reggae, more about multi-layered symphonies than about in-your-face rock & roll. PIER 39, leading track of their new, 5-track EP, THE LAND OF THE TALES is crystal clear proof of their inventive songwriting qualities. This shiny pearl sounds like a pop orchestra spiced with touching electro dynamics. Elevating, with an anthemic power reminding me of British bands, such as the worldwide mega Coldplay and the lesser known, but brilliant The Maccabees. THE BANKROBBER is an experienced five-piece producing universal pop vibrations. They should be heard outside of Italy, outside of Europe, they should be heard just everywhere. Let’s start here…

THE BANKROBBER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Here’s new EP THE LAND OF TALES in full.
Five electrifying tracks to explore from close by…


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