/ BIG BAD ECHO / Phenomenal & Mind-Bending Serpent..



Who: started as the mere songwriting outlet for frontman Mick Reddy in 2013, this weirdly mismatched bunch, but in others, completely suited to each other generate a unforgiving brand of slightly psychedelic, sun-bleached post-punk made up of a collection of many influences and ideas as diverse as the dudes in the band themselves…

Home: Brisbane, Australia

Track: BLINK YOUR EYES – closing track from their new, overall intriguing 7-track
debut EP, titled… IT TAKES A BIG DOG TO WEIGH A TONNE (Spotify link below)…

Score: this irresistibly hypnotizing jam just blew me away on first hearing. A mind-
bending banger, growing sonically bigger and more dangerous with every second. This terrific, psychedelic serpent will creep under your skin slowly but surely. Overwhelming finale. Impressive trip. Check in, right here…

BIG BAD ECHO: Facebook – More info & reviews

Here’s the debut EP in full..


One comment

  1. EclecticMusicLover · May 8, 2016

    You’re right – “Blink Your Eyes” is terrific.


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