SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 30 April/1 May…


New weekend, new edition of this energizing mix
with seven knock-outs to inflame body & soul!…


1/ ‘I Fall’ by CHAIKA
A mesmeric Krautrock beat growing intensely with every bloody second. Glowing guitars, exploding vocals and a dazzling drive to get lost in. Did I mention this is the B-side of their new single? Dope cut. After Hookworms & Eagulls another steamy gang out of Leeds, UK
New single: The Quietness / I Fall – on iTunes
CHAIKA: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Haunt Me’ by PRISM TATS
Write this fresh, multi-layered, thundering pop band, led by South Africa born musician and now US based Garett van der Spek on your must-listen-now-on-repeat list. This stirring glam knock-out is just one of the vitalizing highlights of the man’s invigorating first LP!
Album: brand new self-titled debut – on iTunes
Base: Seattle/Los Angeles, US
PRISM TATS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Magic Landing’ by HOLY WAVE
Irresistible, repetitive, mind-bending groove adrenalized with motorik beats, pounding riffs and floating harmonies. Explore more of their spacey trips here on their new longplayer…
Album: ‘Freaks Of Nature’ – on Bandcamp
Base: Austin, Texas
HOLY WAVE: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Caterpillar’ by HONEY RADAR
Led by singer/songwriter/producer Jason Henn this swirling five-piece generates garage jingle jangle that will mess up your brains and you’ll love it. A ramshackle guitar killer.
Album: second LP ‘Blank Cartoon’ – out 20th May via What’s Your Rupture?
Home: Richmond, Indianapolis
HONEY RADAR: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Wasting Away’ by ADAM & ELVIS
They say: ‘We are ambassadors of creative alternative pop‘. I say: ‘They are damn right‘. This vibrant track jumps all over the place, in all directions, making you deliciously dizzy. Yes, sir, inventive pop spiced with sparkling electro dynamics, brisk vocals and a top chorus.
Home: Reading/London, UK
ADAM & ELVIS: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Stop’ by SAFE TO SWIM
Smashing opener of this firm rollin’ power pop quartet’s first EP. The kicking bass/drums groove will test your head’s flexibility and the anger loaded refrain is one to scream along.
EP: brand new debut 4-track ’20 Years’ via Pink Tape Records
Home: Brighton, UK
SAFE TO SWIM: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Down And Out’ by BLACK LIME
Striking debut single from this solid knocking British foursome. A hammering eruption with a pumping rhythm artillery, boiling riffs and agitated vocals. High voltage stuff.
Home: Hull, UK
BLACK LIME: Facebook – Twitter


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