RAMONES – Legendary Debut Album Is 40…


RAMONES by RAMONESReleased 23 April 1976


First real punk album ever? Oops, dangerous discussion. I don’t know and to be honest I don’t care. For me it’s one of the most memorable LP’s ever and that’s what counts in my book. 14 Bubblegum pop punk blitzkrieg tracks in 29 explosive minutes generated by 4 bored looking dudes with lousy haircuts, leather jackets (probably stolen) and dirty jeans. No useless guitar solos. No arty farty electronics. No expensive special production effects. The instruments were recorded in three days, the vocal parts were canned in four days.


Producer Craig Leon admitted that they recorded the LP quickly due to budget restrictions, but also that it was all the time they needed. The final result was just smashing. Loud. Fast. Primitive. And an unforgettable motto: 1-2-3-4! The songs were stripped to the bone with wicked, nihilistic lyrics like never before. The unfamiliar tumult was confrontational (my reflection after the first song the first time: what the hell is going on here?), spectacular and most of all: a fresh, very welcome, crushing new start for good old rock ‘n roll. Back to the dangerous alleys in dark suburbs of great cities. No more superstars. Power to the kids on the block who have nothing else to do. Original drummer (and later their producer) Tommy once said that the band was just an idea . I believe him. I can imagine that the choice was quite simple for these four no future teenagers: music or jail. GABBA GABBA HEY. Now, let’s have some dazzling fun at high-speed…



Start: Ramones were formed in 1974 in Queens, New York
Production cost of the album: $6400
Producer: Craig Leon – also famous for his work with Blondie , later on he focused
more on classic music and worked with Luciano Pavarotti, Andreas Scholl, Sir James
and The London Chamber Orchestra among others
Front cover of the LP: a photo of the band in front of a brick wall in NYC – the record company paid only $125 for the now legendary picture taken by Roberta Bayley

Record label: Sire Records
Speed: most tracks averaged more than 160 beats per minute
Score: the album was certified as gold by the Recording Industry of America – 38 years after first release date – on 30 April 2014 , having sold more than 500,000 copies by then..
What Rolling Stone said at the time: “Let’s hope these guys sell more records than Elton John has pennies. If not, shoot the piano player. And throw in Paul McCartney to boot.”


Move your furniture!
Here’s the classic in full…

(expanded edition – original tracks: #1 – #14)

RAMONES: Biography – Discography


Happy B. to Punkfather… IGGY POP !


James Newell Osterberg Jr. was born in a camper in a trailer park in Muskegon, Michigan (US) close to ‘Motor City’ Detroit on 21 April 1947. He was born to inflame rock stages all around the globe, he was born to be a madman. IGGY POP was a punk pioneer. In his mind. On stage. The drones. The moves. The I wanna be your dog anthems. From The Stooges to Josh Homme and a spectacular career in between. Raw power. Untouchable. He still is. A living legend. HAPPY 69! To celebrate, here’s the man’s unforgettable TV performance on Dutch TV in 1977. Pure Iggy. LUST FOR LIFE. Brilliant!…

Pop links:

Happy 69, legend…

OASIS – Number One In UK 14 Years Ago Today…


21 April 2016


The first single of OASIS‘ fifth album HEATHEN CHEMISTRY.
A wall-of-guitar-sound, an unshakable flare & Manchester swagger
and a vintage cool vocal performance by LIAM G. Solid rock gold!
Top spot on UK singles chart – 21 April 2002…

I get up when I’m down
I can’t swim but my soul won’t drown
I do believe I got flare
I got speed and I walk on air

‘Cause God gave me soul and your rock and roll, babe
‘Cause God gave me soul and your rock and roll, babe
And I get so high I just can’t feel it
And I get so high I just can’t feel it

In and out my brain and runnin’ through my veins
You’re my sunshine, you’re my rain

There’s a light that shines on
Shines on me and it keeps me warm
It gave me peace, I must say
I can’t sleep ’cause the world won`t wait

‘Cause God gave me soul and your rock and roll, babe
‘Cause God gave me soul and your rock and roll, babe
And I get so high I just can’t feel it
And I get so high I just can’t feel it

In and out my brain and runnin’ through my veins
‘Cause you’re my sunshine, you’re my rain

And I get so high I just can’t feel it
And I get so high I just can’t feel it
And I get so high I just can’t feel it
And I get so high I just can’t feel it

In and out my brain and runnin’ through my veins
‘Cause you’re my sunshine, you’re my rain

Heathen Chemistry….


GARBAGE – Brand New Burning Single ‘Empty’…

21 April 2016

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

GARBAGE will release their 6th studio album STRANGE LITTLE BIRDS on June 10th
via their own Stunvolume label. But just arrived now is brand new first single EMPTY.
A crushing wall-of-sound banger with a frustrated SHIRLEY MANSON on a raging roll
in the towering chorus “I am so empty, you’re all I’m thinking about”. Impressive return!
Play it loud…

GARBAGE: ‘Empty’ on iTunes – Website – Facebook – Twitter

Tracklist NEW ALBUM:
01. Sometimes
02. Empty
03. Blackout
04. If I Lost You
05. Night Drive Loneliness
06. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
07. Magnetized
08. We Never Tell
09. So We Can Stay Alive
10. Teaching Little Fingers to Play
11. Amends

Yes, August 8th in Belgium – See you there…

TALKATIVE – Ingenious Noise Rock Escapades From Portland US in Belgium…


TALKATIVE – Café Video, Ghent – 19 April 2016

TALKATIVE. Four young, normal looking musicians out of Portland, Oregon, US (for NBA
fans, like me, Portland is the city of the Damien Lillard led Trailblazers team) turning into a swirling, noisy rock machine when they hit the stage. Start playing the video on top right now and you’ll know exactly what I mean. They also kicked off their performance in my hometown yesterday with Mongoose, the stellar opener of their most intriguing and overall challenging debut album Hot Fruit Barbeque (Bandcamp link below).

Portland rock machine at work…

They call it sludgy, colorful art rock themselves. I say it’s an electrifying and highly spicy cocktail of hypnotizing grooves and sparkling, tempo changing noise escapades. They smartly combine fragments of poppy melodies with snippets of danceable electro vibes and reinforce the whole shebang with glimmering guitars, gloriously hammering drums and tensely pumping bass. The final result varies from punky art rock electricity to strongly amplified pop symphonies with the compelling, nasal vocals of singer Cody Berger on top singing stories about the Wild West, getting a snow job and going almost in trance with a surprising lullaby about centrifuckation (no idea what it means, but it’s a damn cool word).

Eight miles high…

While I’m writing this I’m listening, truly amazed, to their aforementioned debut LP, for
the third time in a row. Wow! This band explores so many exciting directions and creates – thanks to their towering songwriting inventiveness – so many different sonic moods. You just want to go back to keep on discovering more and more of their enthralling, multi-layered journeys. Enthusiastic? Yes, I bloody am. A spectacular find on a regular, at first dull looking Tuesday. These ingeniously musical Trailblazers will still have my full attention
long after the play-offs are over, long after Golden State Warriors celebrated their second championship in a row. Impressive gang, impressive stuff!…


Taste TALKATIVE‘s thunder here in full
with long-player HOT FRUIT BARBEQUE

TALKATIVE: Facebook – Twitter

“I’m not so sure about those Golden State Warriors…”

BETH ORTON – Funky Dancefloor Beats On New Single…



Twenty years ago BETH ORTON was singing over dazzling Chemical Brothers rave tracks. Afterwards she became a more traditional & much praised solo artist. But on forthcoming, new album KIDSTICKS – out May 27th – the gracious, British musician returns to exciting, electronic territories. She moved temporarily to California to work with Andrew Hung – one half of the electro-psych-noise duo Fuck Buttons – on the new LP. Last month’s first single MOON was already a crystal clear dancy result of the collaboration. Now with 2nd new track 1973 it’s straight to the dancefloor. Delicious funky beats to sway to with Orton‘s sensual voice on top. Vibrant score!…

BETH ORTHON: Website – Facebook – Twitter


MAGNETIC ALBUM COVERS! 7 From 1996 – 20 Years Ago…


It’s all about the music as we know it
but powerful images are the timeless
faces for all sounds made then and now…
Here are 7 formidable album sleeves from
LP’s released in 1996 – 20 years ago!


1/ Beautiful Freak – EELS
Brilliant debut album by Mark Oliver Everett & his band…

2/ Placebo – PLACEBO
Eponymous pop punk debut longplayer filled with teenage angst & fury.

3/ C’mon Kids – THE BOO RADLEYS
Fifth, adventurous, LP by the British alt pop quartet…

7th and final album from the Washington rockers with frontman/vocalist Mark Lanegan.

5/ Coming Up – SUEDE
First album after the departure of co-songwriter/guitarist Bernard Butler. Top glam stuff.

6/ What Would The Community Think – CAT POWER
Critical claimed third album by American singer-songwriter Chan Marshall aka Cat Power…

7/ Die For The Government – ANTI-FLAG
Debut album by the legendary outspoken US punk rockers from Pittsburgh...


BURNING ASTRONOMERS – Highly Catching New Single…

Black - kopie - kopie - kopie

Who/home: space loving duo producing pop powered indie folk music
for several years now, somewhere on a hidden moon in England…
Score: this mysterious out-of-this-world band succeed where many fail.
They build a song around a towering melody, a big tune or a vibrant vibe.
They know all the essential ingredients for a hit, the indispensable keys
for a catching earworm. Houses by Rivers has all the required elements:
a directly appealing intro, verses that grow intensely with an infectious
groove towards a fully orchestrated chorus that will enchant your body
and soul. Irresistible flow. Romantic feel. Magnetic cracker, all the way…

BURNING ASTRONOMERS: On iTunes – Facebook – Website – Twitter