THE PLEASURE ROUTINE – Psychedelic Enrico Morricone Blues Frenzy…


Intriguing Californian sextet THE PLEASURE ROUTINE are close to complete their debut album titled SUGAR MOUNTAIN. Before its release they just shared third single WIRES.
A slowly moving snake starting as a sort of psychedelic Enrico Morricone vibration with gloomy harmonica, turning into a moody Jefferson Airplane twilight when Lauren Kopp’ s vocal part comes on and heading towards a scorching finale with a frenzied blues guitar outburst. The band stated that the song was initially meant to be an up-tempo track but
producer Ricky Maymi (from Anton Newcombe‘s legendary psych gang The Brian Jonestown Massacre) drastically altered the tempo and rearranged the instrumentals. Discover the darkly piercing result here…

THE PLEASURE ROUTINE: Facebook – Twitter

The Pleasure Routine’s doomy voices…

(pic: FB -TPR)

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