THE DANDY WARHOLS – Non Stop Groove Machine in Belgium…



THE DANDY WARHOLS – Casino, Sint-Niklaas – 8 May 2016


Just last month the Portland rockers released their ninth album DISTORTLAND. A familiar sounding body of work filled with vintage Dandies vibes from start to finish. Why inventing the wheel again when you’re brilliant at creating – yes, recognizable – but highly addictive earworms such as that first single of the new longplayer You Are Killing Me

The band is touring Europe now to spread their fresh fever combined with a stream of golden oldies. Last weekend they hit Belgium for two concerts. I catched the second one, yesterday, in the beautiful town of Sint-Niklaas. The Warhols did what I, and many others, expected and absolutely wanted. They electrified the cool venue with an avalanche of sonic escapades. From chill out vibrations (like opener Be-In, I Love You & Godless) to rousing psychedelic drones (new steamy tracks All The Girls in London & Pope Reverend
and the euphoric crowd’s favorite We Used To Be Friends). And yes, it’s about bloody time now that Every Day Should Be A Holiday. Frontman Courtney Taylor Taylor led the unstoppable, mind-bending groove machine with his repetitive monster riffs, his loud
whispering voice on top and a perfect Flemish ‘dank u wel’…


While the immensely vital hammering rhythm section rolled on without a single break Zia, surrounded by her keyboards, seemed to have her own private dance party there in the left corner of the stage regularly armed with her indispensable tambourine. Sensually charming and still bloody cool…


The Dandy Gang is back and it feels damn great !…

Full setlist here


Just feeling in the mood right again to spin
DISTORTLAND for the umpteenth time…

THE DANDY WARHOLS: Website – Facebook – Twitter


(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)


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