SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 14/15 May…


A new weekend, a new flamboyant edition of this buzzing mix
with seven intoxicating tracks to play back to back. Hell yeah!…

1/ ‘I’ll Put You In My Pocket’ by TIBET
Electrifying foursome out of Cardiff, Wales generating an irresistible, compelling drive. Combined with a catchy sing along chorus they’ll get you out of your lazy couch instantly.
On: their brand new double EP ‘Above The Moon‘ – Out 23rd May via Alcopop! Records
TIBET: Website – Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Shallow’ by HOODED FANG
A scorching cracker fueled with manic riffs, hyperkinetic percussion and a dazzling pace overall. Smoking track from the Toronto indie rockers’ brand new, fourth, album ‘Venus On The Edge’. Just out via Drap Records. You can stream/buy here on Bandcamp
HOODED FANG: Website – Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘I Don’t Care’ by VIXANS
This fresh power trio likes it nasty and rough on their debut. Their vitriolic ‘I don’t care‘ attitude will not encourage Adele to cover this caustic cut. They look & sound like trouble.
Home: Croydon, UK
VIXANS: Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Sharp End’ by ACTING STRANGE
The Scottish duo goes right back to the mid-seventies with their new single. Amplified glam & glitter pop craziness. They seem to have the time of their lives & so should we. Hot jam!
ACTING STRANGE: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Toad’ by ARROWS OF LOVE
Mad, tempo-changing monster that will make your speakers shake from the first crushing chord. Sounds like the exploding end of a 24-hour party. A sonic nightmare! Perfect!…
Home: London, UK
ARROWS OF LOVE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Rogue’ by PHOSPHENE
Despite the melancholic lyrics this glimmering pop beauty smells like summer. Delectable duet vocals combined with shiny guitars turn gnawing doubts into bright hope. Wonderful.
From: brand new excellent 6-track EP ‘Breaker’ – here on Bandcamp
Home: Oakland, California
PHOSPHENE: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Beached’ by HOT CURL
Sparkling pop electricity giving you that relaxing feeling of a ‘lazy sunny afternoon’. A joyful, bouncing melody drenched in flashing guitars & driven by a solid beat. From Brooklyn, NY.
On: brand new dreamy 4-track debut EP ‘Beached’ – here on Bandcamp
HOT CURL: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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