SUPER FURRY ANIMALS – Kicking New Single for Welsh National Football Team…


Super Furry Animals, feature

The eccentric Welsh band SUPER FURRY ANIMALS is back with its first new track in 7 years. They just shared brand fresh single BING BONG ahead of their nation’s football team qualification for this summer’s European Championship in France. It’s a highly brisk electro stomper bouncing crazily. In an interview with The Line Of Best Fit the band’s key board player Cian Ciaran said: “It’s not the most obvious song, but it kinda hits the nail on the head – it’s got the chants, it’s got the tempo changes like you get on the terraces, it’s got a sing along ability. You never know, but sometimes the most unlikely songs make it onto the terraces. It’s like that White Stripes song – Seven Nation Army – they didn’t write that as a football anthem!” Now let’s kick some balls…

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

First ever participation in European Football Championship

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