DEUX FURIEUSES – Debut Album TRACKS OF WIRE Is A Raw Powerhouse …


DEUX FURIEUSES are in-your-face hammering drummer VAS ANTONIADOU and fierce guitarist and incisive vocalist ROS CAIRNEY. A genuinely outspoken and committed female Glasgow/London post punk duo. They are determined to share their razor-sharp views on these troubled times. Ros and Vas do not preach, they protest. They do not look away, they question delicate issues. They care. Yes, that is what drives them: they care. They ventilate their rage about social injustices with crushing strokes performed with high intensity and
a 21st century punk thunder. Loud and proud. Noisy rebels with a trenchant cause who, after a series of rousing singles, now released their unambiguous, honest and challenging debut album TRACKS OF WIRE. A raw body of work to file next to your Savages albums and early PJ Harvey records. Press the play button here…


DEUX FURIEUSES: Website – Facebook – Twitter


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