APEMAN SPACEMAN – On A Droning Planet Of Their Own With ‘SPACECATRAZ…


Band: APEMAN SPACEMAN – “The name is inspired by a Brian Cox TV show.
It’s about man’s evolutionary journey from the savannahs up into space.
And it’s about the ape and man in all of us, constantly scrapping for attention”…
Who: Johnny Cooke on vocals/guitar and Rikki Mehta on guitar (both from
noughties post-punk band Dogs) and Carl Dalemo on bass (original member
of Razorlight), with Ethan Kennedy on drums and ar designer…
Sound: They describe their songs as ranging from brutal reflections of
modern society to stories of sex, drugs and lost loves…

Track: SPACECATRAZ – debut single taken from self-titled debut EP out 15th July…

Score: A raging ongoing mid-tempo drone that seems to want to push one with his
back to the wall. Intense and vicious. Like Josh Homme and his Queens in a bad mood…

We were looking up at that mad satellite
From sodden grass in a teenage dream
Back to your house
Back to your place
Back to your town

We split the wrap and we rolled the papers
From the balcony that lunatic asylum
Looked like a star
Up in the sky

And the night
That started Keates
Ended Auden

We defected
We fell in love
Together we were one

Then the door smashed
The authorities
Pulled us apart
And your screams followed me down the hallway

They said we substituted drugs for love
A simple indication of our madness
They sent me up
To Spacecatraz

Pulled us apart to nothing
With me in space and you forced to the ground
Lost in your place
Lost in your town

So I hid well
I hit hard
I stole the key
I found the escape pod

I pressed go
I dreamed of you
I closed my eyes
And plummeted back down, to the earth, to you

APEMAN SPACEMAN: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter


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