THE GLÜCKS – Garage Rock Grinta from Belgium…


THE GLÜCKS – Biekorf / Cactus, Brugge – 18 June 2016



Who: smashing duo Tina (drums) and Alek (guitar) from Belgium describing their high voltage thunder as (take a deep breath)… ‘Bonnie & Clyde Psyched Out Primitive Trash Fuzzpunk Sexplosion!’ Hallelujah! Release the bats…

Brand new single: CUCUCU COOL with two B-sides, YOU’LL NEVER TAME ME and
THE HUNCKBACK (on 7″ and digitally) with new full album YOUTH ON STUFF to follow…

Score: I saw these explosive outlaws playing live for the first time (shame on me) last weekend (Cactus Biekorf, Brugge, Belgium), actually their CUCCUCU COOL release show.
Big! Wow! Bang! Their fully charged combination of raw power, crushing intensity and garage drones was bloody impressive. Think early White Stripes covering The Cramps
in a really nasty way. Yes, dynamite stuff! Tina attacked her drums as if she wanted to
beat the crap out of that pathetic clown Donald Trump and Alex tortured his guitar with hyperkinetic force. Twisted garage rock with tons of grinta, sharp teeth and lots of sweat. The Glücks are born to play live. It won’t take long before I’ll check these noisemakers out again. Now, let’s taste their fresh new fever here…

THE GLÜCKS: Facebook – Twitter

Hammering Bonnie…

Trashing Clyde…

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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