OBLIVIANS… Will Never Be Forgotten in Belgium


OBLIVIANS – DOK Ghent, Belgium – 26 July 2016


The legendary punks from Memphis, Tennessee returned to the sonic world with a bang in 2013 – after 16 years – with the gloriously striking DESPERATION album. Doing again what they do damn best… producing barbed wire electricity. Fast, loud, with sharp teeth and in your face. Just a couple of days ago the oblivian brothers hit my hometown Ghent, Belgium. Without a doubt one of the most inflammatory gigs I saw all year. As fast as the Ramones, as blasting as MC5, as spectacular as Bo Diddley on speed and as sharp as an Iggy Stooge knife. A crushing steamroller from start to finish. An overwhelming night! HELL YEAH!
A bit like this…

and like this…

OBLIVIANS: Facebook – Biography – Discography

Hello Belgium…

Jack, just waiting to pick up a guitar…

Let’s rumble…


Pinball Kings…

(Concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

A Song Dedicated to Money Machine…PINK FLOYD


PINK FLOYD will release a 27-Disc EARLY YEARS Box Set with unreleased (read: lousy quality) recordings and films! You can buy it for 650 US Dollars / 495 £ / 585 euro ! It’s
only rock and roll, folks, but also only for the rich! The unscrupulous hawks behind every mega band, behind every so called essential mega (re)release, behind every mega festival, behind every mega stadium tour, just want one bloody thing… your money! They don’t care one bit about the music itself and/or what it stands for, uh sorry, what it STOOD
for… about 70 years ago! If you’re crazy about music, but you are a teenager, a student,
an unemployed, an impecunious person who needs money for his sick child (so much more than we realize) or just damn poor (even more than we realize) you have bad luck… as usual. The big business junkies just ignore you with a you’re a loser grin on their faces. It’s not about making money anymore, it’s about making MORE money. Filthy capitalism!
A sick thing you will never read one word about in mega music magazines like Rolling Stone, Uncut, NME and many more. Remember that cynical early seventies song?…

Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today


Here’s one for you, greedy sharks. Sing it Billy…





One of those totally unexpected covers and another proof that anybody loves an
irresistible tune, even a mental post punk legend. It’s also quite remarkable how he
he treated LOST IN MUSIC with respect, at least musically. He’s not crushing it into a thousand dissonant pieces (would love to hear that too, actually), not at all. He turned
it into an accessible Madchester disco punk cracker. But – he’s MARK E. SMITH after all – the man picked this song carefully and on purpose in order to criticise the empty-headed hedonism of those early 90s (illegal) rave years. Listen to the way he sings with a grin, the way he articulates with his infamous sneer. Brilliant. Now, let’s all get lost…

The cover was on THE INFOTAINMENT SCAN – the 15th THE FALL album released in 1993

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SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Energizing Crackers for Week 30…


Seven steamrolling tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven crackers to vitalize your body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Get stoned legally!…

1/ ‘Lonely Ghoul’ by POWER-BUDDIES (Alberta – VA, US)
Organ & bass driven lunacy that will make your neighbours screaming for the police…
On: Shake!Fest 3 Compilation Tape
POWER-BUDDIES: Facebook – Bandcamp

2/ ‘Suitcase Jimmy’ by EVANS THE DEATH
Mad guitars, mad vocals, mad sax, mad minds – MAD! MAD! MAD!
On: new album VANILLA
EVANS THE DEATH: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Centennial’ by HEATERS (Grand Rapids, MI – US)
Surf spiced psych serpent creeping slowly but surely under your skin – nasty stuff…
On: new album BABTISTINA – out 5 August via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records
HEATERS: Facebook – Bandcamp

4/ ‘Homesick’ by EARTH HEART (Boston, MA)
Bouncing guitar riffs & biting vocals that will drive you crazy in the end – perfect!…
On: debut album out 5 August
EARTH HEART: Facebook – Bandcamp

5/ ‘Tunnel Vision’ by THE CRYSTAL FURS (Forth Worth, Texas, US)
Highly catchy indie pop powered with splattering guitar fuel – energetic score…
THE CRYSTAL FURS: Facebook – Website

6/ ‘This War Inside’ by HIGHLAND KITES (Los Angeles, CA – US)
Marissa Lamar‘s inner struggle becomes an irresistible, swinging blessing for the listener…
On: brand new EP ‘Let Me Run’ – here on Bandcamp
HIGHLAND KITES: Facebook – Website

7/ ‘Moe Syzlack’s Revenge’ by PARVUS AC & THE MASTERS OF SHAMBHALA (Glasgow, Scotland) – It will be hard to remember the band’s name in 3 minutes but you will play
this lazy party jam featuring the world’s most famous bar man on repeat, undoubtedly…
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See/hear you next week, music junkies…

SHARON VAN ETTEN – When Trouble Sounds Heartbreaking…


Beautiful sadness
Gripping melancholy
Mixed emotions
Biting sarcasm
Dirty bathroom…

Pace mine for you
Hold my horses, patient
Hey man, tricks can’t wait to hear my emotions

Every time the sun comes up, I’m in trouble
Every time the sun comes up, I’m in trouble

People say I’m a one-hit wonder
But what happens when I have two?
I washed your dishes, but I shitted in your bathroom

Even when the sun comes up, I’m in trouble
Even when the sun comes up, I’m in trouble

We broke your glasses, but covered our asses
Take time silently, feel real room hi-fi

Every time the sun comes up, I’m in trouble
Every time the sun comes up, I’m in trouble
Yeah, every time the sun comes up, I’m in trouble
Imagine when
Every time the sun comes up, I see double

SHARON VAN ETTEN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

In Brussels – 25 May 2014 (pic: JL/TurnUpTheVolume!)

Your World Will Never Be The Same Again After Connecting With… ELEFANT


ELEFANT – Charlatan Club – Ghent, Belgium – 23 July 2016


As part-time secret service agent working for the Belgian government I infiltrated an occult manifestation of our Number One enemy, last Saturday in my hometown Ghent. Who are you talking about, I hear you ask in a most adoring way? Well, dear fellow citizens, it’s all about a dangerously ideological noise obsessed collective called ELEFANT. Actually four bastard children of Chernobyl infected parents who were ordered, at the time, by Donald Putin, the evil Russian prime cheerleader, to migrate to Belgium and spread his red colored credo. The four little monkeys grew up listening to death-punk-rap-metal, an obscure and subversive communist underground folk genre invented by two deranged KGB individuals by the names of Diamanda Galas and Mykki Blanco while they had brilliant sex on a lost sunday with their favorite song God Of Emptiness playing on the radio. Later on, instead of going to university and become corrupt politicians – the ultimate dream of any normal human being – the thugs decided to start a… rock & roll band. Yes, I know, creepy indeed.


Their one and only mission, besides making a scandalous pile of money, is to screw up humanity – a common trend these days, as we all know – making use of brainwashing drones and suggestive, mass manipulating body language…


Do we need to be scared, I hear you ask in complete panic ? Yes, absolutely. Before, during and after their devilish performance they wandered innocently among the crowd and even embraced people – oh, the horror! – in order to pollute all living species with their highly radioactive bodies (yes, as you, dirty minds, already figured out, their totally unscrupulous parents copulated the very day of the 1986 nuclear disaster) …


… in between they brainwashed our ears and minds merciless with satanic havoc and demonic howls. After their indoctrinating spectacle they even had the shameful guts
to sell their malicious messages on little, shiny, round disks – know by us, intelligence experts, as compact disks. If that wasn’t already enough I also discovered (after all, that’s my bloody job) their horrific propaganda clips on You Tube, that globally praised Moscow sponsored TV station for mental Fidel Castro fans. Yes, folks, it’s about time to start to lose all self-control. These vicious monsters do not take prisoners. Listen & watch for yourself and feel free to jump out of the window (on the first floor, please)…

As being the best agent of my generation I also managed to find a copy of their lethal bible, translated to music, on the Internet (if you’re the lucky owner of that thing called personal computer you surely know what the hell I’m talking about). Not the Koran, you stupid CIA morons on the first row over there in the left corner. No, ignorant ladies and gentlemen, these human aliens are far more dangerous. The ELEFANT religion is about NORDIC TANZEN AM SONNTAG. Jawohl, meine lieben Freunde, das ist Musik für eines neues Elite Volk und für starke Elefanten. Now, release the sonic bats and run for your
life or vice versa…

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(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Magnetic Album Covers! 7 from Doom Master NICK CAVE…


It’s all about the music as we know it but powerful images are the timeless faces for
memorable albums made then & now. Here are 7 classic LP sleeves that illustrate the career of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde genius NICK CAVE. From his destructive paranoia days with THE BIRTHDAY PARTY to his melancholic crooner journeys with The Bad Seeds


1/ JUNKYARD – 1982
A freaky image that reflects perfectly the scary madness of The Birthday Party

Covers filled LP although each song sounds like written by the apocalypse master himself…

3/ HENRY’S DREAMS – 1992
His best album to my ears. Dark, compelling and hypnotic…

4/ LET LOVE IN – 1994
Love songs à la Cave… creepy and claustrophobic

5/ GRINDERMAN – 2007
A side project to ventilate some obscure nightmares…

6/ DIG!!! LAZARUS DIG!!! – 2008
Great sleeve, great title, great body of work…

Proving again he’s the most haunting crooner ever…

TIM BURGESS & PETER GORDON – Chill Out Vibes for Warm Days…



The Charlatans frontman TIM BURGESS and adventurous veteran and highly praised producer/composer PETER GORDON from New York will release an album together,
titled SAME LANGUAGE, DIFFERENT WORLDS where, judging from the two songs that were already shared, Burgess’ blissful voice meets Gordon’s musical trips with enchanting result. BEGIN is a catchy little electro pop pearl spiced with some frisky saxophone, funky Chic guitars and sunny keyboards while UNGUARDED takes a more experimental, spacey route towards chill out places. Intriguing, jazzy and highly atmospheric…


The LP will be out on September 2 via Banquet Records. Here are the two sonic refreshments playing on repeat in my head in these (finally) warm summer days….



TIM BURGESS: Website – Facebook / PETER GORDON: Facebook