DIVINE YOUTH – Passionate Call-Up for Human Solidarity…


Highly committed and vigorous rockin’ three-piece DIVINE YOUTH from the English metropolitan county West Midlands just released their second single Wir Sind Das Volk.
A passionate and fully charged call-up for human solidarity in this troubled and divided world. The song’s title – We Are the People in English – refers to a politically loaded chant sang by the Germans at demonstrations on both sides of the Berlin Wall before the stone barrier came down. A loud symbolic protest claiming power for the people. A robust shout for unity and standing up together. Eventually the ongoing pressure led to the fall of the
Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. This fierce and electrifying guitar driven track was written by guitarist and vocalist Dan Sheldon a year ago but is suddenly painfully relevant today after a majority of the British population chose to leave the EU. We need outspoken bands like this. We need young artists who care. The new generation needs a hopeful future. Play this burning anthem with your doors and windows open and share it in the streets…

DIVINE YOUTH: Facebook – Twitter –  Instagram

Das Volk…

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