THE HIVES – Delirious Punk Rock Adrenalin in Belgium…


THE HIVES – Rock Zottegem Festival, Belgium – 8 July 2016


Swedish tornado THE HIVES hit Belgium last night with a massive Tick-Tick-Boom. A high voltage whirlwind of supersonic rock and roll havoc. An unstoppable machine led by the charismatic stand-up comedian HOWLIN’ PELLE. We all damn know it’s only rock and roll
but we all bloody liked it from start to finish, especially in the huge, swirling mosh pit. This hammering squad was born to set festival stages on fire around the globe with irresistible punk energy, highly amplified intensity and tons of adrenalin. Delirious ecstasy is what you get. One long sonic orgasm of blasting garage noise caused by a smoking greatest hits set (reproduced below on Spotify). Hail hail to this incomparable black and white gang…

‘Just scream’…

‘I am the greatest’…

Meet and greet…

‘Come on, Dutchland’…

‘I know you all love me’

P is for Pelle…

The new Messiah has landed…

‘Hello dear followers…’

‘I told you so’…

Here’s a rowdy idea of their live power…

Full setlist reproduced on Spotify…

THE HIVES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(All pics by Turn Up The Volume!)


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