WAR WAVES – Brand New Burning Single ‘Horses’…


After last year’s highly promising 90s indie colored self-titled debut album guitar gang WAR WAVES are back with dazzling new single HORSES and soon – October 3rd – their sophomore LP ‘All That We Lack‘. Two albums in two years. Take notes, lazy gentlemen of Radiohead, Muse, Arctic Monkeys and similar mega industry hot shots. This dynamic Ipswich four-piece creates music coming from the bloody heart without expensive and bombastic studio effects nor insensible computer tricks. They express their fears, sorrows and hopes with direct and energetic guitar loaded strokes. Horses sounds heavier, catchier and simply far better than anything else they did before. It’s an electrifying whirlwind, a charged pop steamroller. Big score!…

When this pain it comes,
it comes to see if it can get his roots right into me
The tallest tree, a partly joined settee
But with a weighted sense of irony,
will the weight of it begin to breathe some logic in our failed history?
But I was never that strong for you
Keep it to yourself. oh!
If I could put your hand back into mine to stop your fingers breaking every time,
trying to get away because you’re dying every night
But with a patient sense of patient I, will the patient in me start to fight?
Forgive me, I’ll never get this right
We like the horses in the night-time movies
The sense of freedom and their hooves, they move me…

War Waves - Horses Cover

HORSES will be available digitally from all major online retailers on 18th of July…

LINKS: Debut LP on Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter – Backwater Records

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