Your World Will Never Be The Same Again After Connecting With… ELEFANT


ELEFANT – Charlatan Club – Ghent, Belgium – 23 July 2016


As part-time secret service agent working for the Belgian government I infiltrated an occult manifestation of our Number One enemy, last Saturday in my hometown Ghent. Who are you talking about, I hear you ask in a most adoring way? Well, dear fellow citizens, it’s all about a dangerously ideological noise obsessed collective called ELEFANT. Actually four bastard children of Chernobyl infected parents who were ordered, at the time, by Donald Putin, the evil Russian prime cheerleader, to migrate to Belgium and spread his red colored credo. The four little monkeys grew up listening to death-punk-rap-metal, an obscure and subversive communist underground folk genre invented by two deranged KGB individuals by the names of Diamanda Galas and Mykki Blanco while they had brilliant sex on a lost sunday with their favorite song God Of Emptiness playing on the radio. Later on, instead of going to university and become corrupt politicians – the ultimate dream of any normal human being – the thugs decided to start a… rock & roll band. Yes, I know, creepy indeed.


Their one and only mission, besides making a scandalous pile of money, is to screw up humanity – a common trend these days, as we all know – making use of brainwashing drones and suggestive, mass manipulating body language…


Do we need to be scared, I hear you ask in complete panic ? Yes, absolutely. Before, during and after their devilish performance they wandered innocently among the crowd and even embraced people – oh, the horror! – in order to pollute all living species with their highly radioactive bodies (yes, as you, dirty minds, already figured out, their totally unscrupulous parents copulated the very day of the 1986 nuclear disaster) …


… in between they brainwashed our ears and minds merciless with satanic havoc and demonic howls. After their indoctrinating spectacle they even had the shameful guts
to sell their malicious messages on little, shiny, round disks – know by us, intelligence experts, as compact disks. If that wasn’t already enough I also discovered (after all, that’s my bloody job) their horrific propaganda clips on You Tube, that globally praised Moscow sponsored TV station for mental Fidel Castro fans. Yes, folks, it’s about time to start to lose all self-control. These vicious monsters do not take prisoners. Listen & watch for yourself and feel free to jump out of the window (on the first floor, please)…

As being the best agent of my generation I also managed to find a copy of their lethal bible, translated to music, on the Internet (if you’re the lucky owner of that thing called personal computer you surely know what the hell I’m talking about). Not the Koran, you stupid CIA morons on the first row over there in the left corner. No, ignorant ladies and gentlemen, these human aliens are far more dangerous. The ELEFANT religion is about NORDIC TANZEN AM SONNTAG. Jawohl, meine lieben Freunde, das ist Musik für eines neues Elite Volk und für starke Elefanten. Now, release the sonic bats and run for your
life or vice versa…

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(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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